After the success of their demo release in 2002 engineered by Dave Gunning, RUDY returned to Riverfront Studios in 2003 and over a six month period recorded their debut album "Overtones and Undertones" with producer and engineer Fred Lays, aka Universal Records, George Canyon. Canyon, a mentor of the bands, contributed greatly to shape the RUDY songs into another dimension and truly helped to bring the band to another level of musicianship and professionalism.

Since launching their debut album "Overtones and Undertones", Pictou County, Nova Scotia based rock band RUDY have embarked on a workmanlike effort, steadily touring the Maritimes since the albums release. With an invitation from ESP Productions RUDY played at the 2004 Alexander Keith's Halifax Summerfest, playing the festival with such acts as Crush, Joel Plaskett & The Trews. The band has also had the honor of playing at the 2003 and 2004 award winning New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee infront of their hometown crowd. Playing on the same stage as Wide Mouth Mason, Harry Manx, Crush and Joel Plaskett. RUDY was also selected to play at a showcase for the 2004 MIANS Nova Scotia Music Week and was featured on the NSMW Compilation CD with "Intangible".

In the fall of 2004 it was announced that RUDY's single "Miss You" had won the Maritime Grown Competition being selected from over 400 song entries by top industry professionals from coast to coast.

With a growing fan base in HRM and beyond and the type of buzz that accompanies a young and hard working rock and roll band on the move, RUDY is attracting industry attention, receiving airplay nation-wide with singles "Miss You", "Hollywood" and "Simple" on major radio stations such as CHUM'S C100, Q104, The East Coast Countdown and topping charts in sales as well as a number one spot on the East Coast Kitchen Racket, voted by the public. An amazing six out of the eleven recorded tracks have all had major radio airplay, the album is truly a favorite among music/program directors, hosts and music fans.

RUDY combines the talents of singer/guitarist Ryan MacDonald, guitarist Jonathan MacDougall, bassist Matt Campbell and drummer Dale Wilson. The quartet takes great pride in it's live show often crediting it as the bands strongest point. Gaining the attention of audiences everywhere with their high-energy, diverse sets and enthusiasm, leaving audiences buzzing after gigs and wanting more.

The band remains independent at this point and continue to work hard at achieving their goals and succeeding in the music industry.

"Rudy's debut CD is nothing short of impressive. The songs are well-written, the production first-rate and over-all the material is far more mature than any out-of-the-gate recording deserves to be. Every song on the CD deserves to be heard on the radio and could work on any number of formats. It's the CD that has been in my player for the past week."
- Peter Harrison
Co-host, C-100 Breakfast Club (CHUM affiliate)
Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Rudy's music is laden with rich melodies and strong hooks. These guys are great!"
- Chris Smith
PnuWave Entertainment

"Rudy is a band to watch! Overtones and Undertones is one of the best CD's I've received this year. Their single Hollywood was in the top five for overall votes received for our countdown this year!"
- Jack Bonaparte
East Coast Countdown

"Rudy have done the almost un-thinkable for an up and coming band on their debut disc...broken through to the notoriously tight playlists of Halifax radio! Catchy songwriting and great hooks add up to an act that we'll be hearing a lot from in the future!"
- Tom Bedell
Halifax, Nova Scotia


Miss You

Written By: Ryan MacDonald

Miss You

And do you think of me?
You know I feel the same
I'm waiting here for my breath to return
I count the hours of the day

And I'm broken down
In need of repair
But you're so far away
I need you here when you're there

Tell me that I'm safe
Tell me that I'm safe

Believe me when I say I
Say I, say I miss you

And I'm breathing out
Waiting for some air
But it's so hard to breathe
When a piece of your heart's not there

And I'll wait, and I'll wait
Cause I know you need me
And I'll wait, and I'll wait
Cause I know you coming home today


Written By: Ryan MacDonald


I don't know why I dream all day
Watching T.V. picturing me that way
Why can't I back up the things I say any more

Don't wanna fight anymore today
To myself, I said everything I needed to say
I can't imagine me any other way

And I don't know why I want you to look my way
Always wasting my time trying to levitate
But Hollywood, here I come
I'm ready to fly away

Sometimes I just can't believe
An open book, I wear my heart on my sleeve
I gotta find the truth
I think it's time to leave

I can't wait to get there
I'm just one step closer, one step closer
As long as I'm breathing, I can see it
I can see it


Written By: Ryan MacDonald


Go figure, you walk by again
Go figure, I slipped up again
And I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting for you
Seems all this time I'm waiting, I'm waiting for you

But how many times can I be reborn

And I'm sailing out, as you're sailing in
And you breathe me out, as I breathe you in
And avoiding the cracks and jumping the lines
As you walk by me a million times

And that's the way it is

Intangibles, I always break
And I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, yet I'm awake


Full length Cd (independant)-Overtones and Undertones, track on air, Miss you, Holywood, Found my way, Simple.

Set List

Typical Set list:1-2 hours.
In no particular order:

Origonal Music:

1.Everything I Ever Wanted
4.Miss You
5.Found My Way
7.He Said
8.The view a room away
9.These walls
11.Clouds break
13:The Poet
More on the Way !!!

A few Covers Just to Let You Know the Style of music:

1.Money (Pink Floyd)
2.All along the watchtower (Bob Dylan)
3.Hello Timebomb (Matt Good)