Rudy and The Rhetoric

Rudy and The Rhetoric

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There's lots of samples, chopped up breaks, and intelligent rhymes. Rudy is all about making the beats funky and dancy, while the Rhetoric wants the music to have integrity and soul. This creates a type of music that appeals to underground hip hop lovers and also drunk people looking to party.


We both go to the University of Washington. We are roommates in a frat (Fiji's), which is where we recorded our first album. We have been doing free shows around the area for about 1 year, and we've also been giving away our music for free because we feel that's the best way to reach as many people as possible.


Rudy and The Rhetoric- Music For Glass Hearts
(This is our first full legnth album)

Rudy- The Smell Of Sound
(Rudy's all instrumental album full of ambient/downtempo beats)

Set List

If we can go as long as we want we typically do almost every song off our album, with some other things in between

1.) Rock Hard (2:00)
2.) Glass Heart (2:30)
3.) All Aboard (3:00)
4.) Groovemonster (2:00)
5.) Bare Neccessities Scratch Routine (2:00)
6.) We Are Siamese (4:00)
7.) Welcome To The Carnival (2:00)
8.) Don't Sleep (2:00)
9.) Freestyle (3:00)
10.) Vibrations (2:00)
11.) Wandering Girl (4:00)
12.) Moonlight Hits ( 4:00)
13.) Even The King Fox Cries Remix (2:30)
14.) Disney Scratch Routine
15.) Oompa Loompa Remix