Rudy Brown

Rudy Brown


Rudy Brown offers an eclectic, infectious fusion of jazz, rock, and funk. Their emphasis on original compositions, improvisation, and unique arrangements keeps their sound constantly evolving and always diverse.


Since our formation in September of 2001, Rudy Brown has evolved from a raucous power trio to an eclectic jazz/rock quintet, collectively exploring our shared interests in a wide variety of musical styles. We have all had extensive extensive involvement in the Umass Amherst Music Department and owe a great deal to the knowledge and experience of the faculty and staff there. Our emphasis on original compositions, improvisation, and unique arrangements keeps Rudy Brown's sound constantly evolving and always diverse. We offer an eclectic, infectious fusion of jazz, rock, and funk, reminiscent of the jazz/rock fusion of the 1960s and 70s, but with a modern sensibility.
Rudy Brown first formed at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in September of 2001 when Adam Mann, Dan Thomas, and Dave Gagnon began jamming together in the basement of the Baker Dorm. Wishing to take the music to the next level, we all became heavily involved in the Jazz Department at the University where we honed our composing, arranging, and performance skills. In 2006, Rudy Brown expanded its trio format to include violinist Eve Boltax and keyboardist Daniel Kent. In December of 2006 we released our first EP, recorded and mixed by Angelo Quaglia at Northfire Studios in Amherst, Massachusetts. The self-titled EP is comprised of four original, instrumental compositions and features the artwork of Amherst artist Emmalynn Hicks on the cover. Rudy Brown can currently be seen through regular appearances on the Amherst bar scene or at
Finishing school has been the priority of the members of Rudy Brown, and as a result we are just beginning to expand our market beyond the the Amherst area. We plan to book and promote ourselves at regional venues and festivals in the upcoming year in hopes of introducing our music to a larger audience. And we also look forward to recording more material in the summer of 2007 for a second release next fall.


Rudy Brown EP
All songs composed, arranged, and performed by Rudy Brown.
Recorded and mixed by Angelo Quaglia at Northfire Recording Studio in Amherst, Massachusetts.
Tracks are available for listening at

Set List

Our typical set list consists of a 50/50 blend of originals and cover songs, and varies from gig to gig
Rudy Brown typically plays 2-3 sets an evening, with sets lasting between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the function and venue. Below are lists of our original compositions and cover repertoire.

Original Compositions:
Swamp Thing
Spyrak's Muddy Groove Cannon
Glistening Limbs
Is You Is
Unger Pills
Baker's Wake
Extended Release
The Legend of Los Guapos

Covers Repertoire:
The Allman Brothers Band
-Les Brers in A minor
-In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
The Beatles:
-For the Benefit of Mr. Kite
-I am the Walrus
Frank Zappa:
-King Kong
-Peaches en Regalia
-Titties 'n Beer
Talking Heads:
-Life During Wartime
-Burnin' Down the House
Grateful Dead:
-Help on the Way>Slipknot!
-Shakedown Street
Freddie Hubbard:
-Red Clay
Weather Report:
-Black Market
-Teen Town
Bob Dylan:
-All I Really Wa