Rudy Currence

Rudy Currence


After hearing the soulful voice of singer-songwriter Rudy, it is obvious that he was raised singing gospel music yet his musical background spans almost every genre from extensive classical and jazz piano training to his experience recording R&B, HipHop, Soul, and Pop music.


Who is Rudy Currence? Refreshing but familiar, confident but humble, innovative yet classic, These are just a few words that come to mind when describing the voice, the music, the man known as Rudy Currence. Truly the world is only beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to who Mike Chek Entertainment Recording Artist Rudy Currence really is. After hearing the soulful voice, it is obvious that Rudy was raised singing gospel music. The son of a Pastor and native of Rock Hill, SC, Rudy like many of the legendary performers before him perfected his craft while playing and singing in church.

As a music major and graduate of Furman University, Rudy's musical background spans almost every genre from extensive classical and jazz piano training to his experience recording R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, and Pop music. All of these musical styles combined with his own personal flare make Rudy's live performances unique and unpredictable. Rudy's high energy but often intimate and spontaneous delivery set him apart from most in today's industry. His musicianship is reminiscent of the past very much like the many classic entertainers from the days of Motown. His vocal style is often compared to that of the greats such as Donnie Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, and Sam Cooke, but also blends beautifully with the music of his contemporaries like Alicia Keys, John Legend, Brandy, and even Usher. To see the passion that Rudy has for his music and the connection that he is able to make with each audience is truly captivating. Singer-songwriter Rudy Currence aspires to be remembered by his music and continues building a Legacy through song. He acknowledges that many of his musical influences are old school artists that were trend setters and ahead of their time like The Clark Sisters, Donnie Hathaway, and Prince. Rudy's catalog of music also includes great singer-songwriters such as The Bee Gees, James Taylor, The Carpenters, and mega-songwriter Burt Bacharach. Rudy admits, "I wanna change the game, every time people think that they've figured me out, I want to surprise them with something new and different. To me, that's what being a great artist is all about."

Honored as one of the 2005 recipients of the ASCAP writer’s award, Rudy is not only a great vocalist and musician but also quite an accomplished writer and producer. He has written several songs for multi-platinum recording artist Mya and had one of his songs featured in the blockbuster hit movie, "The Bourne Identity" starring Matt Damon. Rudy released his debut independent CD, "More Than You'll Ever Know," in 2003 and is currently preparing to promote his highly anticipated sophomore effort, "Here With You,” which is scheduled for release in the spring of 2006. In addition, Rudy is about to launch an extensive college tour spanning the southeastern region of the US, which will include on-campus performances, in-store performances and signings at various major retail stores as well as a series of radio interviews and appearances. With so much going on Rudy still manages to remain humble and is very family oriented. According to Rudy, "I believe in surrounding myself with positive people and what better way to do that than with family members who love you unconditionally and believe in your gift." Keeping it all in the family, Rudy's mother Patricia Currence is his manager while his younger brother Patrick continues to work at his side as his producer. In addition, his father Rev. Ruperd Currence is a huge part of his spiritual grounding. So again, to ask you, who is Rudy Currence? Rudy simply replies, "If you wanna know who I am just listen to what I have to say. . .My music, just like my family and even the way I dress, is an extension of me." Look to see and hear great things from this rising star in the near future. For more information on Rudy Currence, please visit us online at


2003 Album - "More Than You'll Ever Know" sells on and with singles, "Cha Cha" and "Stay Clear" still playing today.

"Weave Ponytail" is the Current Single from the forthcoming album, "HERE WITH YOU"

Set List

Set last anywhere from 45 - 90 minutes depending on contract; can do some covers; the show varies depending on RUDY and will include songs from the first album, forthcoming, may add a little gospel; depending on the audience and cover Stevie Wonder, James Taylor and Donnie Hathaway.