Rudy Kalfayan

Rudy Kalfayan


I'm a singer/songwriter performing with a supporting band in both rock and acoustic show formats. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires Argentina, and my writing is influenced by rock and latin styles. I have an album to be shortly released and a second album underway.


Originally from Buenos Aires Argentina, I'm a singer/song writer in music since I got my first guitar at the age of 9. I'm influenced by various genres and artists, from classic and progressive rock to latin and middle eastern styles. I came to the United States when I was 13. My upcoming album titled “Silence” is comes after a time of self-reflection starting this time. Starting my early teens I wrote hundreds of pages of words which turned into songs, which turned into an album. In the final phases of writing the the album I traveled through various parts of the world where I found inspiration. Some of my favorite places include Los Roques, Isla Margarita, Miami, Hermosa Beach, basically places close to the water. I worked with a multi-Grammy winning including: Iker Gastaminza, Jake Tanner. The album was recorded in Little Chicago Studios in Ottowa Canada with recording engineer Timothy Greencorn. I've got a full band now, playing shows in both rock to unplugged formats, and also reached out to the Latin community with some Latin songs.


My new album "Silence" is shortly to be released in January 09. The song "Still In My Head" is being streamed. Live video of other song performances can be viewed on and youtube/rudykalfayan

Set List

A set list can vary from 7 songs to 13. Additional songs can be performed if requested. A 7 song set is 35 minutes and a 13 song set is 60 minutes. A typical set would include:

Still in my head (4:28)
The last song (3:46)
A thousand miles away (4:42)
Drifting (3:57)
Silence (3:18)
Paranoia (4:32)
Take my soul (5:00)
Fighting indifference (4:21)
Soft emotions (3:35)