The new work by Rudy Marra is out. The unforeseeable and experimenter artist is back with his Sopa (soup) a mix of rock, pop, jazz, funk, punk, folk, ethno which result is very different from the simple addition of the single components, it’s something new…. it’s simply Sopa!

“Sono un genio ma non lo dimostro” is an album in which Rudy can range over various genres. From Mariachi , texmex and rock (“Amore di contrabbando”, “Sono un genio…”, “Barricate” intro) going through European beat echoes, Floyd reminding, (“Il morso”), to Spanish and flamencos rhythms (“Di viaggi, naufragi e salvataggi”), to reach punk and new wave till songs of more refined lyrics (“A mio fratello Theo”, “L’uomomosca”, “L’ombra”). Then, immediately one will find himself plunged into reggae rock ethno-folk beats (“Barricate”) to reach the pop song-author song “Quello di cui ho bisogno”.

When you think you will not be going through other music jolts, then you will find yourself surrounded by cool jazz, funk and blues atmospheres (“Trompe l’oeil”) and again you’ll get surprised when Rudy, together with Banda Osiris, mix up what’s left (“Ognuno pensi per se”).

The lyrics are a flourishing of metaphores and allusions; the words used by Rudy is current slang but researched, never aulic, they are anarchical words quite often sounding as the artist’s spittle.

The album tells about underground love stories, romantics and violents, of mental barricades, of intolerance about social chains, and of the research of new dimensions. There are plenty of provocations to mass-media, to religion, to the respectability, to the star-system.

This and much more you can find in this album directed by the unusual voice by Rudy Marra, a hoarse voice, absolutely natural without being forced.

If you ask Rudy what does he expect from this album he will tell you an anecdote who impressed him a lot about the famous musician Debussy. The musician, having heard that his second Nocturnes was hissed a little bit less, said: “Aurais-je écrit une cochonnerie?!”
(“Did I write something piggish?!”)

RUDY MARRA was born in 1964 in Galatina and currently lives in Modena.
Author, composer, interpreter, a real “underground” of Italian music, he created the “sopa” genre, that is to say “soup”, a melting pot of styles.


Single - "Amore di contrabbando"
Album - "Come eravamo stupidi"
Album - "Sopa d'amour"
Album - "Le parole d'amore"
Album - "Sono un genio ma non lo dimostro"