Rudy Parris

Rudy Parris


Rudy Parris has played many concerts,festivals,casino's and corperate functions. His diversity led him to an 8 year stint for the legendary Buck Owens at his Crystal Palace Theatre. Experience has put this band at the top of thier game. Rudy's level of energy creates alot of excitment in the crowd


When a band was needed for the Buck Owens Birthday Bash, the word went out "Hey get that kid with the BIG VOICE." Rudy Parris got the call. It surely was the place to be. The guest list, too long to mention, included The Birds, Dwight Yokum, Gary Allen and the TNN Camera Crew. Garth Brooks even called in his wishes for a good night. By the end of the evening everyone wanted to know who Rudy Parris was and where had he been hiding! Parris and his brother Abel had been "Hiding" in front of large crowds as an opening act. Rudy wasn't exactly new and had been paying his dues warming up audiences for Merle Haggard, Jerry Lee Lewis,Hank Jr, BB king, and Bo Didley, among many others. Rudy has also had the honor of playing guitar on tour for Hank Williams III. This explained it. This 'unheard of' talent already had the ability to maintain an audience. Setting his voice aside, his obsession with the guitar is readily apparent as he coaxes the crowd onto their feet making his guitar sing, dance, whisper and scream. A true showman Parris plays mant genre's of music and also plays bass, harmonica and drums. Recently playing drums and bass for Bay Area legend Ron Thompson. Rudy was born and raised in California's San Joaquin Valley. A few miles from the historical country music mecca Bakersfield, CA. Were he had the pleasure of working for Buck Owens at his Crystal Palace for an 8 year run. His fan base is growing daily and his schedule grows busier. Rudy has filmed a new Instructional DVD and signed a deal with OHP Guitar. They are now running ads in two major guitar publications (Guitar World & Guitar Player) making Rudy’s exposure worldwide. Be on the lookout for Rudy’s new album being produced by another Bakersfield legend Monty Byrom (Eddie Money, Bighouse) Buck Owens Hank Williams III and many other legends in the Rock, Country and Blues community have given Rudy the thumbs up.


CD - Modern Day Cowboy
CD - Live Under The Influence
DVD - Under the Influence
Instuctional DVD - Rudy Parris Rockin Blues Guitar

Set List

Rudy Parris is excellent at reading a crowd and will play what makes the function a sucess.