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The best kept secret in music


"Also from Los Angeles is the band, Rue. Made up of all rock stars they hit the stage commanding more than your attention. Sexy and loud lead singer Jenna Ross captivated all the girls AND the guys in the club. This band rocked my world! New metal with more sex appeal than Evanescence! (Wow!) Jenna worked the crowd and her boys and wasn't too shy about petting them like tamed beasts in her presence, they seemed to like it quite a bit. I'm sure all the guys in the audience wished they were in the band. Her tank top sported the word "Gothic" and she sported the tank well. This band had everyone grooving hard for their entire set. I highly recommend you check them out as soon as humanly possible!"

For the full show review, click here.
- ALL ACCESS Magazine

Check out what some of the people in the industry are saying about Rue.

"These guys are hot, I've worked with some of the best singers in the world and Jenna is just as good as they are". "I love the energy of Rue, you blow my socks off. Incredible, just incredible."-Rick Jarrard, Grammy winning producer who discovered Harry Nilsson and Michael McDonald, and has produced over 30 gold and platinum records.

"Rue is one of the best bands out there today." -Charlie McIntosh - Club Owner of The Joint and Opium Den

"(Echo) has some pretty cool ideas." - Rocky George of Suicidal Tendencies and Fishbone

"Cool drummer, nice set." - John Fisher of Fishbone

"We love your band" - Carrie Istad, booking agent for The Keyclub

- Keyclub, Joint, Fishbone

Key Club
West Hollywood

Contact: Seen Robinson, 213-509-8936;
The Players: Jenna Ross, vocals; Rick McKay, drums; Echo, guitars; Pedestrian, bass.

Material: The group Rue performs angst-ridden alternative rock with heartfelt lyrics. Lead vocalist Ross claims to have had her heart broken hard, many, many times, and shares this pain through her lyrics and emotionally charged melodies. While the songs are formulaic and predictable, they nonetheless hold enough passion to move the fans.
Musicianship: Rue hails from Santa Clarita and has only been together for little more than a year, but no one would know it after experiencing this rock band live. They are well rehearsed and frontwomen Ross has a prowling, sexy shout with a throat coated in chrome. Her powerful inflections sound like a mixture of Chrissie Hynde and Janis Joplin. The rest of the bandÕs appealing instrumentation takes RueÕs sound down a different path with a hint of Envanescence, though not as overproduced. EchoÕs guitar is edgy and aggressive and Pedestrian plays bass with a hint of blues. McKay rounds it all off with a modern-edge technique that creates punchy rock.
Performance: Rue emerged in front of a large crowd and performed an energetic set of catchy alt-rock tunes that melded whip-smart pop song-craft with tinges of heavy metal guitar riffs and goth rock sensibilities. Ross commanded the stage with confidence, giving her all to the performance. She worked hard playing the role of the tough chick, but her vulnerability was apparent and the audience fed off the vibe. The rest of Rue crew complemented Ross with an equal amount of enthusiasm.
Summary: While not reinventing the wheel or breaking new musical ground, Rue has talent, a knack for good song writing and frontwomen Jenna Ross oozes sexy charisma. Above all, Rue can claim an already large base of adoring fans. With continued hard work and persistence, there should be no reason that Rue couldnÕt gain some recognition.
Ð Anne OÕNeary - Music Connection

Rue - The Attraction - Si

It is very hard to find really good straight up hard rock lately, especially good hard rock with a great set of female pipes out front. That is changing now with Rue being on the scene. This California quartet have offered up their second offering for consumption and it is well worth checking out. The band is a tight, well oiled machine that pumps out groove oriented hard rock while Jenna belts out Alana Myles but stronger like vocals. This eight track CD is a potent mixture of songs that could honestly take them into fame on the radio if they get the right push behind them. I saw them live recently and the songs translate incredibly to the live setting so I know this is not studio magic that is making these songs sound that great! If you are into great hard rock that gets you pumped, then I recommend Rue to you. Visit them at for info on getting their new cd The Attraction and their debut demo cd as well.


CD review by Jeffrey Easton - Metal Exiles

All Axxess
Mari Tanaka, Writer 	

There is an incredible music scene within our city waiting to be heard. Especially with the entertainment and artistic motivations of Los Angeles, there is rich, captivating music being played in bars and small clubs across our urban landscape. Local and independent music fulfills the appetites of those listeners searching for the heart and soul, or just plain talent, no longer palpable in the majority of mainstream music.

The 2nd Annual All Access Music Awards were focused on recognizing and upholding local music. The award show rocked. Qualified musicians took control of the stage to remind us that music is not about publicity or a cute face, but that music is an art that involves developed skill and inspiration. The year's Best New Group, Rue, sent out powerful waves of rhythm and rock to back up lead singer, Jenna Ross' capable and inviting voice. When asked about how mainstream music represents females, Jenna simply and seriously replied, 'It doesn't. Even when women are working so hard, they only get attention when taking their clothes off'. Rue is about bringing raw emotion back into hard rock and pop. - So Cal Magazine

Triple Feature Night at Paladino's : Judge Jackson, Rue, Starwood
By Laura Phillips

 A Jimmy D. Production show casing three headliner bands at a recent crowded rocking Friday night show at Paladino's in Tarzana, CA. Concert goers received a complimentary All Access Magazine Rocks (Vol. 1 CD) included with their price of admission that included "Tell the world" by Rue. 
Rue followed with the haunting pop lyrics of Jenna Ross. Angry tensions were justified in a soothing fashion but hardly softened with a charming punk rock influence. Rue's "Tell the World" from "The Attraction" debut album is both radio friendly and can take them to the top. Ross's sensational voice and style is similar to Evanescence with a combination of the angry cries and shouts of Alanis Morrissette that uses hurting badly to her advantage belting out as an angry survivor of a heart ripped out and torn to pieces. Signed by S. I. Records, Rue is off to a great start and recently won the All Access Magazine 2004 Best New Group/Artist award.

 - All Access Magazine

Rue is definitely a musical Beauty and the Beast with Jenna RossÕ cool, seductive vocals mixed with the raging metal sounds of EchoÕs schizophrenic guitar riffs, PedestrianÕs smooth bass lines and Rick McKayÕs pounding drum rhythms. Their release ÒThe AttractionÓ is a hard rock masterpiece bent on luring the listener into their world. Songs such as ÒTouchÓ attracts the listener with RossÕ lustful vocals and clean guitars only to plummet into a musical orgasm filled with raging guitar shreds. Other songs such as ÒMagdolinÓ and ÒEncourage MeÓ have no mercy on the listener filling the minutes with vehement instruments with RossÕ vocals once again creating a complimentary balance to their music. Rue even gives the listener a chance to experience their live performance with the Enhanced CD features on ÒThe Attraction.Ó With this release, rue is setting the pace for future sounds in mainstream metal. Ð Stephen Centanni -

Vol. 2 Issue 35 | December 13, 2004


When four friends formed the rock band Rue in 2003, they consciously decided to rise above the "Behind the Music" blowouts that are so common in the industry.

"If you're going to join a band," said guitarist Echo, "get ready for a new family and all the ties that go with it."

This "us against the world" mentality has helped Rue create a solid musical vision, one that's inspiring fans from Southern California to the World Wide Web. In the past year and a half, the band has released a full-length album, a three-song demo, a handful of live recordings and several videos. They've played the Troubadour, The Key Club and The Viper Room in Hollywood, and drawn comparisons to A Perfect Circle and Evanescence.

Rue's song, "Tell The World," hit #1 on the Weekly Top 20 chart on Last month, the band won a "Best New Artist" Award in All Access Magazine's 2nd Annual Award Show.

Jenna Ross - Vocals
Echo - Guitar
Pedestrian - Bass
Rick McKay - Drums

The word "rue" has many meanings, but bassist Pedestrian said he chose it for the band's moniker because he was drawn to its more sorrowful definition. Rue doesn't dwell in melancholy, though. To the contrary, this quartet from Santa Clarita Valley, Calif., produces rock music that's melodically aggressive. Echo and Ped's bluesy rhythms and Rick McKay's power driven percussion provide the perfect backdrop to Jenna Ross's expressive, sexy vocals. Jenna is a phenomenal front woman -- passionate, strong and steely -- and her fiery determination is perfectly complimented by the extraordinary talents of her bandmates.

-The Siren Six:

What inspires you?

Jenna: Personal relationships and the drive to connect with people in a therapeutic way. Music soothes the soul.

Rick: A challenge. Something that is attainable with a little practice

Ped: The little voice in my head.

Do you remember your first time onstage? What did it feel like?

Jenna: My earliest memory of being on stage was when I was in the second grade and I was in my school talent show. I was lip-syncing to New Kids on the Block and had a little dance routine. I got a standing ovation, and realized then that I forever wanted to be on the stage.

Rick: Yes, I was five years old. It was one of my dad's band get-togethers. It just felt normal, like this is what you are supposed to do. First song live: "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult (not bad for a kid in pajamas with Batman on them.)

Echo: A fuckin' mess.

Ped: Spiritual.

How has the Internet helped you connect with fans?

Jenna: Well for me, personally, the Internet helps me connect with my friends and our fans. And seeing as how we all have very busy schedules, it allows me to multi-task and get in trouble at work while talking to everyone over the Net.

Rick: It is hard to connect by mail just because it takes so long, and generally you just can't get your favorite bands' phone numbers. By using Websites, e-mail, chat rooms and message boards, you can communicate with anyone. It kind of removes the unapproachable status of celebrity.

Echo: Able to reach thousands of people in one minute.

Do you prefer to perform live or in the studio? Why?

Jenna: When it comes to the studio, I am a workaholic because I love the creative process of how a song really comes together; and plus there is so much more you can do in the studio than live. I'm not saying I don't love to be on the stage, but I spend less time in the studio than I do on stage, so to me it's a treat I rarely get to enjoy.

Rick: The studio is fun for the long term because a good performance is there on tape forever. Nothing beats live, though: energy, spontaneity, reaction, mistakes or happy accidents, and last but not least, you can pull it off drunk!

Echo: Live, by far. In the studio everything is all calculated out. You know what's going on. Live it's the adrenaline of the crowd, the overwhelming loudness, the feel that you're in control of the entertainment of the people in front of you, and ... it's fun.

What's the best advice you've ever received?

Jenna: Don't sell yourself short, and strive to be the best. There is always someone better than you at whatever you do so never stop working.

Rick: It is better to go after something and fail than failing to go after something. That was from my dad.

Echo: Nick of Black Label Society: "Play Hard, Play Loud, Fuck Everyone Else Who Doesn't Believe In You." Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society: "Don't think you're a rock star. Know you're a rock star, So Drink Like a Rockstar."

Ped: Don't Fuck Up.

Was there ever a moment when you contemplated giving up music?

Jenna: Yes, I was in a tumultuous relationship and had no drive or heart to do anything. I was deeply depressed, but when I hit rock bottom, the lyrics helped me dig my way out.

Rick: I would nev - Jade Walker-Siren Song

"My First Encounter with RUE"
When a good friend of mine (with as picky taste in music as myself) recommended checking out a local band by the name of RUE I knew there had to be something unique about them that made them stand out in her mind. Skepticism filled my mind upon discovering they were a female led group, afterall very few female fronted hardrock groups succeed now and days. Something about them plagued me though, because I knew I'd heard that name somewhere before in the underground scene but could not understand what the "big deal" was.
Walking into the Hard Rock Cafe that night I was instantly surrounded by the masses of people of all ages talking excitedly about the band setting up onstage while the house DJ blared music in the background. The air was absolutely filled with the energy of what had to be well over 100 people packed into the bar section of the Hard Rock while many others dined in the upper section.
As audience members pushed to the stage awaiting the opening notes they chanted "RUE! RUE! RUE! RUE!" pounding on the stage, clapping, and making every amount of noise they could manage to persuade the group to play for them.
This struck my interest particularly because the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood is famous for the amazing talent they bring in which can be seen the moment you step inside. All around you are pictures and memorabilia of the greats ranging from ZZ Top to Kurt Cobain. The fact that so many people were packed into the musical shrine known as the Hard Rock Cafe to see a local band made me realize there was talent present even before the first note was played.
The moment Jenna opened with her melodic singing a hush fell over the crowd. The mass of people were totally enthralled as Jenna's stage presence filled the remaining space. While utilizing the entire stage, as well as the other band members, she danced about the stage seducing the musical minds of the audience of which were singing along and eating up every minute of it. Even the guitarist and bassist joined in the fun, a rare quality for many commercial bands that have forgotten what it means to play your heart out. (And that's exactly what they did.)
I haven't seen such love for a band since the days of the boy bands. This is the start of a new era of music, the female front. With a lead singer with a voice ranging of the quality of Christina Agulera, and the soulful melody of Melissa Etherage, RUE lights up the stage and the hearts of many SoCal fans. The potential present is beyond amazing, its no wonder RUE has such a loyal fan base.
There are truly no words capable of describing the show that can do considerable justice for such a well put together band that packed the Hard Rock Cafe that night.

-Heather Hrabchak- - Heather Hrabchak

Rue has managed to achieve something that most rock bands fronted by a female lead singer arenÕt able to do. They have blended their flesh ripping instrumental with JennaÕs sexy soul ripping vocals. In my opinion Rue is comparative to Italian band Lacuna Coil!
There songs are the very thing you would want from a rock band but not over played and tired. Most of there songs have a very sexual vibe especially from ÒTouch MeÓ but at the same time Jenna will rip out your beating heart with songs such as ÒIÕd Die For YouÓ.

Rue will take you for one hell of an emotional ride that will have you begging for more! As a special bonus for Rue fans that by this CD, itÕs enhanced so besides getting an incredible CD you will also get videoÕs and other special goodies! - Heather Burke - Raven Entertainment


Rue's success on has been incredible, check it out to see how many people love Rue. New songs are uploaded whenever we want to give the fans something back.
1. Songs of Love & Pain - 2 Songs Singles EP. Featuring "In The Dark" and "Another Sad Love Song". Recorded and Mixed by Michael Vail Blum. (Pink Floyd, Madonna, Suicidal Tendencies).
2. "The Attraction" 8 Song Enhanced CD on SI Records
3. Rue 3 Song Demo - Recorded at Henson Recording Studio (Formerly A&M).
4. Rue -Live at The Joint
Plus, much more available on the website for download. Videos from The Keyclub are also available on the website for download.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Here are some highlights of Rue's success. Jenna has sung on song's with Serj Tankian of System of a Down. The band has opened for bands: Velvet Revolver, Black Label Society, Smile Empty Soul, Kittie, Otep, The Starfuckers, Rhino Bucket, Banyan, Gilby Clarke and even Fishbone. Rue has been #1 on more than any other artist on the station. Rue has headlined shows at: The Keyclub, The Viper Room, The Gig, The Troubadour, The Joint, The Ventura Majestic Theatre and many other venues. The song "Touch" featured in movie, "Kisses & Caroms". Won "Overall Best Album" in the Pop/Alt. category in 2005 at All Access Music Awards. Won "Best New Artist in 2004 at All Access Music Awards. Rue has been the featured artist on:,, MusicplusTV, All Access Magazine and many other media outlets. Rue's song "Magdolin" is featured on the opening of weekly broadcast webcast (1/2 hour wrestling show broadcast on the internet). Rue has also been featured on the broadcast. And now, on to the story of Rue. Rue's Jenna Ross sings what she lives. Every one of her songs came from deep inside her heart. Song's like "Tell the world" and "Another Sad Love Song". That heart has been chewed up, spit out and put back together so many times, that it's no wonder that so many songs have come from her seemingly endless well of pain. She's a modern day Janis Joplin whose stunning beauty hides a vulnerable interior that yearns to loved beyond passion. In that vulnerability is hope of a love that she has for her fans, her family and that love which she cannot find. Songs like "I'd Die For You", "Encourage Me" and "Paradox of Love" are shimmering examples of that hope and her voice soars as she sings for what she wants so dearly. In her fans she seems to connect on a religious level, at any show you'll see her adoring fans worshipping her and Jenna worshipping them back as they sing to each other and share their pain. Jenna will make sure that you get her point though, and through the music created by Echo, Ped and Rick the message comes through loud and clear. Echo's guitar is part piano melodies, part crushing power chords and with a heavy dose of maniacal attitude that is a little bit Munky and a lot of Charles Manson. Ped almost seems to come right out of an Anne Rice novel as he seems to be Lestat incarnate, with bass lines that are hypnotically melodic and so low he creates mini earthquakes. Just one listen to "The Attraction" and "On My Knees" and you'll realize these sounds are not from this earth. Underneath it all is the controlled chaos of Rick. Explosive double bass patterns and blistering tom rolls are just the beginning of what makes for percussion so intricate you�d think he had 4 legs and 4 arms. But don't be fooled, this isn�t Animal behind the drums, every beat is carefully crafted and the feel ebbs and flows with every word Jenna sings. After all of that, the one thing you won�t have trouble doing is singing these songs again and again. The choruses will be stuck in your head and you'll find yourself singing them over and over again, realizing that every word is true and somehow you�ll know exactly why you and Jenna hate people who are phony, and you'll be at the next show singing, I'd die for you!..and you'll mean it. Rue has big things on the horizon. Jenna is the featured singer in 2 local magazines (Rock City News and All Access Magazine) and the band has featured video on 2 music websites ( and You don't want to miss the next band to break out of LA! To find Rue go to: or Contact info: Seen Robinson - SI Records or Irma Michel - SI Records