New York City, New York, USA

Vocal and word driven indie folk pop/americana/country rock (depending on how many people are in the band on a given night). Heart on the sleeve songs about loss and love that pair well with single malt scotch.

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The Story Of Us

Written By: Rue Snider

Day by day seasons change in the story of us
Sad lonely broken people together
Well I'll speak for myself
I've been trying to get to a place
Where our lives will meld
While you do what you can on your own
Never asking for help
Saying I don't provide what you need
While our lives go to hell
And you dream of a man with career, confidence, and wealth

Run baby run baby run baby run
Run to your river of dreams
Run baby run
Run baby run
Run to your river of dreams
Your dreams

So you drink and you think you're not ready for this or maybe
The truth is that simply you are not happy with me
And the path we've been walking together seems too limiting
And laying beside me at night's not where you want to sleep, no
Maybe someday you'll realize that love is truly the only way anybody ever gets free
I mean that honestly

Run baby run.....

You're always looking around
In the heart of downtown
For handstands and toasts to your health
From strangers, and past loves, and friends
Who won't be there in the end

So run baby run

As you trip to the magical water swim, try not to drown
Just remember when it's time to get out that I won't be found anywhere around
Because I can't be second or third unless I'm someone else
And I can't deny or love less I can just be myself
I never thought you'd be the one to make my heart go black
But I'm telling the world in a song I was wrong about that
So wrong about that

Run baby run....

You'll Be Fine (and I'll Be Fine)

Written By: Rue Snider

Hearts get harmed in the fight
I knew you once in a dream
The years, we lost to the drinking
The love, we pledged by the sea
There was something that we both really wanted
When we were young enough to believe
Before we understood that the truth was
We were never gonna have those babies
Sadness hits like a tropical storm
It's easy to dwell on the harm we've done
But you see

You'll be fine
And I'll be fine
Just don't get sentimental on me

True love doesn't leave in the night
It takes a lot of neglect to recede
We were broke, co-dependant, and thirsty
Drinking thinking that we were free
There was something and we both know we lost it
But when it happened is much harder to see
Before you go let me tell you the truth is
There's something that's not right inside me
Sadness hits like a tropical storm
It's easy to dwell on the harm we've done
But you see

You'll be fine
And I'll be fine
Just don't get sentimental on me

In The Dark

Written By: Rue Snider

God it's been a pretty long time
How did it all come to this
(remember you)
Walking down these city streets
And the sweet taste of your kiss
Our hearts were broken and we needed to move on
Now my nights are drunken and I'm
Never sure what I've done
In the morning
In the sunshine
I'm in the dark

Well you're still so pretty baby
I saw your picture just the other day
(can't help but)
Think about you often
Then forget you as fast as I can
Why did you choose him?
Oh yeah, that was all my fault
Sure I've got my freedom now
It's like being locked inside of a vault
By the door
With no key
In the dark

I don't want that much at all
I don't need someone to love
I just want a girl to touch

Darlin' since we called the party off
Part of me's been hollow and numb
Door in this city hides a pretty girl
But I've forgotten how to love 'em
You broke me baby
Filled me up and spilled me out
I wish I never knew ya
Maybe I could be living now
Instead of wandering and drinking
In the dark

God I spent a pretty long time in the dark

No Resurrection

Written By: Rue Snider

Don't look at those letters on the paper baby
Don't read my name
Don't let it hit your heart
Because it hurt me enough for the both of us
Don't let yourself feel the pain

We both know when I let go
And I'm talking about the first time
The grim reaper passed like a snake in the grass between us
And even though it's been so slow
Now everything is about to unwind
I never thought it would feel so much like dying

Don't think about it just sign and walk away
Don't dwell on the shame
Don't let it fan the flame in your heart
Because it's time to let everything die
It's okay don't be afraid

We both know once you let go
Even though the past was sublime
The death rattle will sound in the direction it will lead us
And in the afterglow of all we've been through
There will never be another time
I can't believe how much this feels like dying

I spent my days with you
Drinking 'til I killed us
I never meant to hurt you when we died

There are miles of road we will never know
And I can't say that it'll be fine
Because there's no way to fix what's broken between us
And if you want to know how the love could go
Honey I think the fault was all mine
But there's no resurrection so keep crying
There's no resurrection we stopped trying
There's no resurrection it's why I'm dying

Losing Her

Written By: Rue Snider

A lot of days I sit at home and cry
A lot of days I’ve been staying in bed
Everywhere I go reminds me of her
Bill Callahan singing “It’s time to put God away”
I know it’s time to stop worshipping her
To stop wanting her
To stop missing her
To stop thinking about her
But I can’t change my dreams at night
So every morning I wake up with her on my mind
And it all starts again

I’m so sad, I’m despondent
I’m so sad about losing her
I’m so sad, I’m despondent
I’m so sad about losing her

There are moments when I become paralyzed
Thoughts of her can keep me from speaking
I dream of her breath in my ear and I cry
While everybody reminds me that I’m better off without her
God she was cruel a lot of the time
But when she was kind
Oh, when she’d smile
When she called me honey
My soul would surrender to her
My heart and body were hers to use as she wanted
I just wanted to be near her forever
I’m so sad, I’m despondent
I’m so sad about losing her
I’m so sad, I’m despondent
I’m so sad about losing her