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Newmarket, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Rock




"Rue Bella - Flirt With the Dirt Review"

Review: Rue Bella – Flirt With The Dirt

Rue Bella
Rue Bella / Photo Credit: Fishauf Films
Self-described as “a sultry marriage of disparate genres”, Rue Bella hails from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. After the lead vocalist was recruited by the bassist’s mother, the band found their chemistry through jamming together and Rue Bella was founded. The band would find success the following year. They won Rock 95’s Local & Loud 2016 competitions, going on to play legendary venues like The Horseshoe Tavern, Lee’s Palace, and Mavricks Music Hall opening for such acts as The Trews and Finger Eleven. That same year, they recorded their self-titled EP at their own studio and released it to critical success.

The band is Taylor Cos – Vocals, Piano, Synth; Brandon Webb – Guitar, Vocals; Adam Clark – Bass, Backing Vocals; Clint Delbrocco – Drums

Flirt with the Dirt is the band’s first full-length album, produced in part by John-Angus MacDonald (guitarist for The Trews), and Rue Bella, that fuses alt-rock, 90s grunge, and jazz with a darkness. This album is not only angsty and fierce, it rages and kicks ass while taking down names with finesse. Fueled by the sultry, haunting lead vocals of Taylor Cos, each edgy song will hold you in its hypnotic grip.

Leading right out of the gate is the standout hard-rocking, high energy track ‘Burn My Home’. Feeling lyrically like love gone haywire, the song itself doesn’t. The ferocious guitar, heavy drums, and bright piano combination explodes from the opening notes and doesn’t let you come up for air until it’s over. There are soft, subtle background vocals that add a distinctive haunted flavor into the mix. Taylor’s powerful vocals, with commanding phrasing of the edgy lyrics and her most notable wailing toward the ending, is the gasoline that fuels this song. Dancing to this one is unavoidable.

Not slowing down after the opener, another standout track is the brilliant ‘Piggy’ that is lyrically clever and dark. This song of lover’s betrayal doesn’t surrender to the usual boring outcome. It begins innocently with a playful carnival melody alternating on horn and piano before launching into a driving, foot stomping, hands-in-the-air fun fest. By the time the chorus arrives, you’ll be loudly and enthusiastically singing/shouting right along, “I got a number for you”. The interlude’s eerily menacing circus melody feels like the betrayer is walking in tandem on a high wire, just barely hanging on, and then abruptly they fall, brought down by their own lies. But Piggy doesn’t care; she’s “got a number for you.” Hit repeat, play on this one.

‘Something Witchy’ is a slow-burning, jazz flavored track. It opens with a heavy drum and piano introduction that lays down the foundation. The chorus is punctuated by a complementary tight horn section. The dark lyrics tell a tale about one lover putting on a facade to fool the other who thinks they know what’s going on. Taylor teases out the story with her seductive vocals that lure you in from the start and will ultimately cast a witchy spell over you.

The ballad-style track, ‘Reason’ has Taylor and guitarist Brandon Webb team up for a duet. The partially dominating piano is bright and airy, accompanied by a heavy melody that mirrors the lyrics. Taylor and Brandon’s unique voices blend together effortlessly with a smoothness during the chorus and as they trade off the lead vocal singing to each other. They bring out the accusatory yet painful realness of the words lamenting the reasons why a relationship has broken down. The song fades out with the eerie notes of a synth that feel like they’re taunting you.

Packing a punch is the track, ’Socialites’. Opening with a grunge heavy bass loop, the song builds with Taylor’s powerful vocals that expound on the visual lyrics of fighting the feeling of going down when you don’t get what you want. The chorus showcases her wailing that hits the ceiling as she stretches out each word with an undercurrent of rage just simmering under the surface until the very end. Singing along will likely cost you a lung.

‘Come As You Are’ is a cover of Nirvana’s angsty grunge anthem with a strikingly fresh slowed down arrangement. The track opens with bright piano notes and you’re fooled into thinking this just might be a solo piano piece. But then soft drums, and a sorrowful cello ease in and they beautifully creep along together until halfway through the song, when a subtle guitar is added to the mix. The trio then trades off with the solo piano. The haunting lyrics are dripping in Taylor’s emotional vocals as she caresses every word invoking a strong feeling of sadness. When the final solo piano notes close out the song, they hang in the air with a finality.

Rounding out this exceptional album is ‘Red Room’, ‘Black Solitaire’, ‘DFA’, ‘Got Lost’, and ‘Loud Mouth’.

Rue Bella definitely have a chemistry and talent that can’t be denied. Flirt with the Dirt is a strong, impressive first full-length album and it should be on your ‘must check out’ list.

Very Highly Recommended. Go grab this essential album on Bandcamp and iTunes.

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Linda Garnett
About Linda Garnett
Linda Garnett brings a diverse background in the arts to the field of music research and writing. Starting with a mentorship at radio station KFRC in San Francisco, she went on to acquire a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication and an Associate of Arts degree in Music Technology. She has earned a Digidesign operator certificate in Pro Tools post production. Linda is also a published music writer with works appearing in on-line publications such as the Legends of Rock “The ROCKIN’ NEWS”. With exemplary research skills and numerous connections in the music industry, Linda penetrates the veneer of populist opinion to illuminate deeper insights. - Indie Music Women

"Rue Bella - Album Review"

After making waves across Southern Ontario, including sharing the stage with Finger Eleven and The Trews as well as winning Rock 95’s Local & Loud 2016 competition, Rue Bella has released their debut album, Flirt With The Dirt. The Newmarket rock outfit- consisting of lead vocalist and keyboardist Taylor Cos, guitarist Brandon Webb, bassist Adam Clarke, and drummer Clint Delbrocco- shine on their full-length record, making this a must hear for those who listen to rock of all varieties.

Opening with “Burn My Home”, it becomes immediately clear that Flirt With The Dirt is an ambitious album fueled by Rue Bella’s hunger for greatness. Despite that, the tone of the album is the equivalent to that of a raised middle finger to your expectations. This record is oozing with attitude in a fashion that is reminiscent of 1970’s punk. Cos’ voice is the perfect blend of Joan Jett and Taylor Momsen, giving the band a hard edge that teeters towards punk and classic rock which makes the band feel fresh and unique among today’s modern scene. The use of Cos’ keyboard juxtaposes nicely against Webb’s heavy guitars that are laden with a thick and crunching distortion giving songs like “Burn My Home”, “Piggy”, and “Something Witchy” a slight jazzy and rockabilly flair that feels nostalgic to that of Burlington’s The Creepshow. Their cover of Nirvana’s 1991 hit, “Come As You Are” gives the song a layer of depth from its melancholic approach that takes place primarily on the piano and stands out as one of the best tracks on the album.

Despite how creative the previously mentions songs can be, Rue Bella is at their strongest when they take a turn for the heavier. Songs like “Red Room” and “Socialites” are driven by a raw sense of grit, frustration, and aggression that only furthers the attitude propelled throughout the record. “Black Solitaire” takes such a heavy stance during its choruses, contrasting greatly from the song’s soft and jazzy verse, making it not only one of the most interesting songs on the album, but demonstrates the unique songwriting behind Rue Bella.

Flirt With The Dirt is a fantastic record, but Rue Bella know that, nor do they need your praise. This is a record that is right in line what rock & roll’s greatest icons have been about from the 60’s onwards. Rue Bella seamlessly blend elements of punk with modern and classic rock along with a touch of jazz to create a sound that is truly unique to their identity. As a debut record, Flirt With The Dirt is as strong as they come and instantly puts Rue Bella among some of Canada’s top tier of up and coming rock bands.

Connect with Rue Bella:

Gerrod Harris
I’m Gerrod, a Toronto based writer and musician. As soon as I started drumming, music became one of my greatest passions. Since then, I have also picked up the guitar, bass, and a hint of the piano. I am currently studying music and education at York University, and drum in a local hard rock band, One In The Chamber. This puts me right in the heart of Toronto’s growing music scene. - Canadian Beats

"Spill - Album Premiere"

A Spill Exclusive Album Premiere
Although born out of the sleepy town of Newmarket, ON, Rue Bella’s sound is anything but provincial. Bending the carnival menace of Tom Waits and gritty alt-rock acts like Pj Harvey and Hole, Rue Bella define themselves in an sultry marriage of disparate genres. Their first full-length Flirt with the Dirt, produced by John-Angus MacDonald (the Trews, the Glorious Sons) is a snapshot of a band on a sonic bender, not quite ready to dry out.

Artist Quote
“Flirt With the Dirt is lush, moody, and electric. The four of us stem from quite different musical influences, this album really showcases that. With tracks like gothic & grungy’Socialites’, in contrast to our quirky & sassy first single “Piggy”, or our bluesy slow-jam of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”… we’re really quite all over the place and constantly avoiding the boredom of doing the same thing twice. I think that was conveyed nicely in Flirt With the Dirt.” ~Taylor Cos (lead singer/keyboards) - Spill Magazine

"5 Questions with Rue Bella"

Five Questions with Rue Bella

By Nicole Wolfe on November 24, 2017

Rue Bella are celebrating the release of their debut full-length album, Flirt With The Dirt, with an album release party tomorrow night at The Foxx in Barrie along with an outstanding cast of supporting bands: The Noolands, Hot Lips and The Crooked. Stay tuned for photos from the show and our review of the album, which is available for streaming or purchase tomorrow!

We had the chance to catch up with Taylor Cos, the lead singer of Rue Bella to find out a little bit about this alternative rock band that is making waves in the Barrie/Toronto music scene. Keep an eye out for them in your area!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Taylor Cos, lead singer/keyboardist of Rue Bella. We’re a 4-piece alternative rock group from the Newmarket/Barrie area. Brandon Webb on guitar/vocals, Adam Clark on bass, and Clint Delbrocco on drums.

Tell us a bit about your music and writing style.

Our music has been described as a heavier version of Portishead. Or Queens of the Stone Age vs Fiona Apple.

We’re a little all over the map but I’d say the word moody is accurate throughout. Whether it’s sassy and sarcastic, sincere and heartfelt, or just flat out pissed off. There’s an intensity we deliver and Flirt with the Dirt really showcases that.

Do you have any upcoming shows? For someone who has yet to see you live, how would you explain your live performance?

Yes we do! We have our album release party at The Foxx Lounge this Saturday, November 25th. After that we are playing Hard Luck Bar in Toronto with our friends Iduna on December 15th.

If you were asked to suggest only one of your songs for someone to hear, which would it be?

Got Lost. Or Piggy.

Canadian Beats is all about Canadian music, so who are your current favourite Canadian bands/ artists?

I’m a huge fan of the independent scene throughout Southern Ontario, some of my favourite bands that fall in that category are MIP Power Trio, Sedge, Bike Thiefs, Output, and Heart Attack Kids. Other Canadian artists I love are Leonard Cohen, Chad VanGaalen, Metric, Broken Social Scene, and Pup.

Connect with Rue Bella:

Nicole Wolfe
I’m Nicole, a biology teacher by day, but my life revolves around music. I’m that girl that you will always find with the concert t-shirt on and ear buds in. It is rare that you find me without some type of music playing in the background. I connect all of my life experiences to music. It truly has its own language in my heart. There is nothing more exciting than taking in all that a concert has to offer. I love to support local Canadian acts and attend as many shows that I can. - Canadian Beats

"Rue Bella - Pre Show Rituals"


Alternative Rock646 interview5318 Preshow Rituals615 Rue Bella1
In this Preshow Rituals segment, Taylor Cos of the alternative rock band, Rue Bella, shares what she does before every show. You can check out her rituals, after the break.

Rue Bella’s pre-show rituals… We all do our own things so here’s what I can tell you…

I don’t know about the guys in the band, but my first step to a ‘pre-show ritual’ is locking up in my bedroom for a couple hours. I’ll be sitting in front of a mirror getting dolled up, promoting that night’s event on social media, finalizing last minute plans and singing along (dramatically) to loud music like I’m in some silly music video. I find these hours key in preparing for the night ahead.

Once we’re all at the venue, we like to stay organized and set up what we can in advance, helping each other out with any gear maneuvering needed. We tend to split up for a bit after that’s sorted. Brandon, Adam & Clint find this time to get their minds into performance mode.

You can often find Clint hanging by the merch booth or in the back doing some warm-ups. Brandon’s a little famous for disappearing to find some alone time but when he’s around, you can find him up-front watching an opening band. Adam can be seen floating between the back, making sure his gear is ready/tuned and having a pint with friends. At this point, I get a little excited/anxious for the performance — so having a drink with some friends and checking out the opening band(s) are my go-to’s in keeping the good vibes strong.

Before we hit the stage, if time permits, we do a shot and cheers each other. This last minute connect is a perfect little breather before we get up there and give our all. - Digital Tour Bus


Rue Bella - Flirt with the Dirt - LP / November 24th 2017
Rue Bella - Self Titled - EP / April 2016



Although born out of the sleepy town of Newmarket, ON, Rue Bella’s sound is anything but provincial. Bending the carnival menace of Tom Waits and gritty alt-rock acts like PJ Harvey and Hole, Rue Bella define themselves in a sultry marriage of disparate genres.

Quickly making a name for themselves, Rue Bella won Rock 95's Local & Loud 2016 competition, going on to play legendary venues including The Horseshoe Tavern, Lee's Palace, and Mavricks Music Hall; opening for arena acts such as The Trews and Finger Eleven.

Rue Bella released their first self-titled EP in 2016 to critical success. Their first full-length 'Flirt with the Dirt', produced by John-Angus MacDonald (the Trews, the Glorious Sons) is a snapshot of a band on a sonic bender, not quite ready to dry out.

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