Rueben deGroot and Hot Diamonds

Rueben deGroot and Hot Diamonds


“Sometimes he sounds a bit country, sometimes he mixes in some follk, other times the song becomes a pop ballad. His voice has the quality of an early James Taylor.” Wayne Arthurson: Vue Magazine, Edmonton


Rueben deGroot and his band: Hot Diamonds, are a group of Vancouver musicians from all corners of the local scene.  Rueben has been playing guitar since picking it up at college in Edmonton.  After being introduced to sixties and seventies pop music by his friends he set out to create his own.  "With: Hot Diamonds" is the album released this summer, a result of six years of songwriting and performing under various monikers and with a wide range of musicians both in Vancouver and in Alberta. 

Rueben is member of Vancouver's Alt-country outfit. The Seams. His solo work tends to stray from the country side of folk music, but the threads can still be seen. Steve matheson, the bass player in The Seams is featured heavily on the record and co-wrote many of the songs on "With: Hot Diamonds".

Rueben counts Steely Dan, James Taylor, CSN&Y, and more recent acts like Belle and Sebastien and Martin Sexton among his influences.  The songs are all very vocal oriented and offer glimpses into relationships and characters, often in the "third party" context. Rueben's voice always easily brings one directly into each of these stories and keeps them following along and through every word of it.

Rueben just completed a sixty date North American tour with fellow Vancouverite Happy Kreter.   Other Hot Diamonds include Steve Matheson of the Seams and formerly of WPP, Conrad Dykman, Jesse Gander of Black Rice, Asia Matthews and Marissa Johnson, also a member of The Seams.


The Rapture

Written By: Rueben deGroot

i don't know why
it made me think of the rapture
like everyone special was gone
and it made me scared
i know it's unnatural
people don't vanish into space
people don't leave without
a forwarding address
but i'd hazard a guess
you moved back to your mom's place
or in with a girlfriend
to a room with low lights
and blue men

just when my courage is gone
and the road goes forever on

i came to watch the dice you've thrown
strangle everything i've grown
while i pay back the money i owe

don't close your eyes, the world can change while your back's turned
even in the blink of an eye
i never had to
but i've never felt so small
but i've never had trouble so tall


2004 - with: Hot Diamonds
2000 - self titled 7 song EP

Set List

My Last Gasp
Only Ever You
Minute by Hour by Day
The Rapture
Lullaby #1
Love Lives in Spring
This Bed
Right in the Wrong Direction(non-album track)
Your Song
Things are gonna get worse
Lunimum Heart
Carmelita (Warren Zevon)
Alison (Elvis Costello)
Be My Baby (Phil Spector)
Little Red Corvette (Prince)