Ruester is politically relevant, melodic rock born from a love of America and a genuine concern for the direction our system has taken us and the effect it has had on the individual. Hard Rock with a real message.


"The Ruester only crows when he sees the light, I have seen the light and now I am crowing."
Muhammad Ali

Joe Steenburgh: drummer,
Joe’s inside-out music knowledge and touring chops inform beat upon back-breaking beat. A road-tested amalgamation of Jon Bonham and Jam Master Jay, he smokes competition to a mountain of ash and blows it away with mash-the-gas force. Holding down RUESTER’s percussion, Joe Steenburhgh will smash your face on the hard rock.

Robby Wood: vocalist,
Wood jets from vocal lesson to studio, opens his mouth, and vomits adrenaline like an altered beast. If you could have a ménage-a-trois in a hot tub filled with Red Bull and Zipfizz, you might have an idea of Robby Wood’s heart-pounding intensity. RUESTER owes its soul to this rock warrior, the only man alive who can live Motley Crue’s entire history in one night, not overdose, not have a baby, and start the next morning by asking, “Where the party at?” Rugged and raw do not come close to adequate.

Ric Vaughan: guitarist,
Amongst the post-80’s wreckage of so many glorified gunslingers, Ric Vaughan pops ‘nuff nuclear champagne corks to scare today’s shoegazers into yesterday’s Cold War bunkers. As in-the-pocket crunch gives way to the fearlessly frenetic, Vaughan coils and snaps like a cobra bear-trap. Let it be said that when Ric Vaughan detonates a Marshall stack, the best bet is to tie your tubes and hide your kids.

Then there is The Juice
The Juice brings the spring loaded stage presents back to the rhythm guitar. Giving Ruester the brain throbbing hold downs needed for Vaughan and Wood to go where no men have gone before.

Bringing up the bass is long time ally of Vaughans, Robert Stewart.
Just hangin back, keepin it low and bringin it loud, Stewarts vast experience lets it all flow and happen with no worries.



Set List

8 Songs:
Live Along
Nowhere Left To Run To
Black Face, Pale Face
Bigoted Eyes
Miss Polytrixx
Good Old Days
Die Monkey Die