Ruffian On The Stair

Ruffian On The Stair


A rock 4 peice with great range. Female lead Vox also plays keys, followed by guitar, bass, and drums. Song to song, ROTS can be unpredictable, which can give this band a certain edge and distinction from other rock acts. Finale is smart lyrics, interesting rhythms, and great vocals.


Formed in 2005, Ruffian On The Stair has attempted to do something that might break the mold in rock music today; play what they feel not what's expected! Lead by Margarita Martinez on vocals, Ruffian has the ability to rock you while not allowing you put their sound into a specific rock genre. Following on guitar is Tomer Busidan with a very original guitar sound. Bringing up the rear is Stu Weinberg and Darrell Long with dynamic and tight percussion, combined with powerful rhythm and melody.


Twenty Seven

Written By: Ruffian On The Stair

Excuse me, but this is a revolution.
We're taking over our city so please get out of the way.
But don't take my picture 'cause I won't sign it.
This isn't a tourist attraction, but people will die today.
Get noticed, make noise.
Subcommandante Marcos,
Make yourself visible through trying to be invisible.
'Cause fifteen minutes wasn't nearly enough time.
But enough time for the popular world to notice and to forget.
Arm yourself with cameras.
Arm yourself with proof.
Arm yourself with knowledge equals power.
March to your country's congress.
Organize yourself and pick up people along the way, but don't speak.
'Cause it's not your place.
Let her speak.
Although no one will listen to you anyway.
Except for white, middle-class women from around the world,
They write you love letters.
Dear Subcommandante Marcos,
I want to rip your balaclava off,
And hear you feel that passionately for me.
I want to see your face like no one else has.
Arm yourself and run back into the woods and wait and wait,
while chiapas calculates their next move.
12/23/97 - 45, 21 women, 15 children, 9 men,


Demo - 2005

Set List

Set list -

Feel Real
Twenty Seven
Under Your Door
Smitten Kitten
In Your Room (Depeche Mode cover) or
Pattern Against User (At The Drive-In cover)

Typical Set
40 - 45 with 1 cover song
35 - 40 minutes without cover song