Alan Ruffin has taken a unique group of musical influences and has created his own style of acoustic music. If you could take the Verve and Marvin Gay, smash them into Bob Dylan you’d come up with Ruffin’s sound and vibe. Ruffin’s songs gives you a hopeful yet melancholy look his world


Growing up in a small city north of Detroit and having the good fortune of traveling to a plethora of different countries in his early teens; Alan Ruffin has picked up a very eclectic group of musical influences. These experiences have led him to not take the typical path of many African American pop musicians. Ruffin’s music has no boundaries, no pretensions and speaks a universal language. His music is truly from the heart.

Upon moving to Chicago Ruffin has played and worked with some notable artist such as Scott Bennett (Brian Wilson) Jerome Dylan (Nine Inch Nails) Bobby Macintyre (Twilight Singers) and currently producer and manager Gerey Johnson (Steve Cole, Brian Culbertson and Janet Jackson). Through his experiences with this varied group of musicians Ruffin has melded his own unique brand of acoustic music. His sound at times takes the driving cord banging of Bob Mould and the dreamy melodic strumming of Kristin Hersh mixed with the textured vocals of Marvin Gay.

Ruffin has worked on two movie soundtracks and has acted in one feature film to date. He was also selected to be in a national Ad campaign for Shure Microphones.

Ruffin has played many shows with a verity of different projects that he has created. His music has taken him to places like Ireland, Demark, Canada and various cities throughout the United States.

Currently he is working on a solo acoustic record due to be completed fall of 2007 and a live acoustic EP to be released mid summer 2007.

Another notable project is Ruffin’s band Silver Atlas which will begin recording their third CD in June 2007.


Debt releases are Shattered and Lately (singles). Currently completing a full length recording due to be released this fall.

Set List

Set time 45min to an hour

The Ocean (Ruffin's Silver Atlas Project)
Get it together
8 times of 10
Always to late (Ruffin's Silver Atlas Project)
Bought some
No Angry Words (Ruffin's Silver Atlas Project)
Time to go home
Shadow falls
Same game

Strength (The Alarm)
Flying High Again (Ozzy Osbourne) (Yes you read it correctly)