Ruff Talons

Ruff Talons


Mix the power of LeTigre with the fun of the Buzzcocks and you get Ruff Talons: tough, catchy, post-riot-grrl rock'n'roll.


Ruff Talons is a punky poppy rock outfit from Montreal, Quebec. We've just released our first EP, Tuff Stuff. It's a lightning-fast ride through bubbly, innocent crushes, working through the personal and the political, and very un-rock'n'roll subject matter, namely, baby peas. Yes, those cute little green things that grow in a pod in your garden. Why peas? Because they actually do rock, and because in Ruff Talons, we talk about what matters to us and what we think is fun and awesome, and not with an eye on fitting into a neat little rock'n'roll box. Hell, we even talk about our feelings.

Call us young (our band is less than a year old), call us teenaged (we love Ramones love songs), but we've survived enough patriarchal b.s. and worked through enough of that mythical process called "growing up" that we know not to say no to ourselves anymore or let anyone else do it for us.

We're influenced by X-Ray Spex, the Ramones, the Stooges, Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, Le Tigre, the Buzzcocks, Gang of Four, Cap'n Jazz, Sonic Youth, probably even Bright Eyes. Weird, right?

We are Zinta Avens Auzins (blondey-blonde yeller), Max Halparin (twiddle-guitar-fingers), Kate Bass (aptly named boppa-doo-wah bassist), and on drums we are joined either by Rowan Cornell-Brown (smashy-smasher) or Lisa Gamble (polka-punk beat expert) depending on whose life is less of a hectic mess.


Milkshake Sugar Rush

Written By: Zinta Avens Auzins

got a bad habit of doing everything the worst
but I see this so clearly I wanna dive head first

first time I saw you it was at the diner
I thought you were just another customer

tell me what do I say, tell me what do I do
I don’t know if you noticed, but I don’t have a clue

next time I saw you, it was at a sockhop
then I found out you knew how to doo-wop

milkshake sugar rush
I can never get enough
strawberry flavour with a cherry on top
root beer float with way too much ice cream
can I get two straws so we can share this treat?

If I think about think about think about this too much
I’ll get stuck get stuck get stuck in a rut

I don’t know what to do except do the rock ‘n roll
and maybe if you see me you’ll just want me more


I’m gonna take it slow, but I’m gonna take it steady
tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, if you’re ready

third time I saw you it was at the soda shop
will you let me buy you your favourite kind of fizz pop?



Tuff Stuff EP, released January 2013