Rufie Adkins/Tennie Lusk

Rufie Adkins/Tennie Lusk


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Are You Sure

Written By: Ruford Harold Adkins Jr.

(1st verse)
You were standing there
And you looked so fine
With your long brown hair
God I wish you were mine
Your ruby red lips
They look so good
I’d give it all for just one kiss
Girl you know I would

Are you sure you’re not an angel
That was sent to me
From somewhere up above
This earths gravity
Did you fly down from heaven
Just to see
If I would make sweet love to you
Then set you free
Well there’s something you should know
And I think you’ll agree
You forgot to hide your halo
And those wings
Yeah you forgot to hide your halo
And those precious wings

(2nd verse)
I’d love to lay you down
Beneath the pale moon light
And feel your heavenly body
Pressed up against mine
Your tender touch
I would love to feel
I want you so much
Oh how can this be real

(Repeat chorus)

(2nd chorus)
And when you fell from heaven
To my heart you were bound
In your arms it feels like I’m standin’
On holy ground
You should be informed
But I think you clearly see
When your halo turns to horns
It brings out the devil me

(Repeat 1st chorus)

Even The Butterflies Know

Written By: Ruford Harold Adkins Jr.

1st Verse:
I watched him flying all around
I saw him smile just before he touched down
To rest on you for a little while
Do you think he had it all planned out
Or did he have any doubts
Was it an accident
Or did he know you were heaven sent

I wonder what he was thinking
As he came in to land
I’d like to know just how he felt
While he perched upon your hand
Maybe he could clearly see
All of the love you show
You’re so beautiful even the butterflies know

2nd Verse:
As he began to fly off to another place
I wonder if he cried because he couldn’t stay
I know it may sound strange from my point of view
But I wish that I had his wings so I could fly away with you