Rufus Randell

Rufus Randell


While many famous artist are going back to roots, like Bryan Adams with Bare Bones, it is where Rufus Randell has always been since mid 80s. Americana and Blues came about in 2008-2009. Rufus is in the middle borrowing from old and creating new material. Favor picking over strumming.


Inspired by John T. Benson Jr., Rufus Randell started his wordcrafting journey by creating originals with the ability to step into people's shoes and give them a voice. Rufus came into being in 2009 combining a love for roots music, sometimes referred to as Americana seasoned with soul. Most recently described by the Vice President of Songwriters Association of Canada as, "Your songs are terrific. Likewise your singing and playing." After handing off my recent CD. Blair Packham reiterated, "Listen--the IMPORTANT part is the writing, singing and playing, and your stuff is really, really good." During Canada's Music Week and the Green Room sponsored by SAC.

I was also nominated for an Aboriginal Music Award in 2000 and still combine storytelling from my ancestry and personal life experiences in song.

I'm currently doing music full time.


1986: "Just for You" - Cassette release (7) originals: (AFJ)
1987: "Hold the Dream" - Cassette release: all originals: (AFJ)
2000: "Sent" (Demo) - CD independent all original: (Randell)
2005: "Ready or Not" - CD independent all originals: (Randell)
2011: "Flat-Topping It" - CD independent (8) originals: (Rufus Randell)

Anywhere But Here; CD - 'Flat-Toppin' It' (2011) ReverbNation
I'll Never Walk Away; CD - 'Flat-Toppin' It' (2011) ReverbNation
Too Young to Drive; CD - 'Flat-Toppin' It' (2011) ReverbNation

Been There Myself; CD - 'Ready or Not' (2005) ReverbNation
One Eye On You; CD - 'Ready or Not' (2005) ReverbNation
Times Have Changed; CD -'Ready or Not' (2005) ReverbNation

Set List

As a solo artist, I can accommodate 20min, 45min, 1hr set as a transition, alternate stage or feature.

As a 3-4 piece: typical bass, kit, and my acoustic or Tele. (1) Vx: 30min-1hr mostly originals (ratio 3orig:1cvr) - Americana

For charitable gigs, accompaniment is optional as I am able to solo.