Rufus Tree

Rufus Tree


Get ready for Lifehouse meets Switchfoot on this exciting audio-ride through real life experiences. With their eclectic blend of instruments, energetic stage presence and heartfelt lyrics; Rufus Tree is designed to “rock with a purpose”.


Our upbeat rhythms and blend of unique instruments have led us to be compared to the likes of Jars of Clay, Lifehouse, Switchfoot and Dave Matthews Band. “You guys are going to go places!” says guitar legend Phil Keaggy. Despite our increase in popularity, our main purpose has not changed: to reach out to the broken.

We have completed two tours in Japan where we gave several performances for members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. We have also performed for inmates of the Racine County Youthful Offenders Facility.

Our first full-length project was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee during the summer of 2001. Russ Long was the engineer who worked with us on the project. Other artists that Russ has worked with include: Sixpence None the Richer, DC Talk, and Newsboys. Michael Aukofer was the producer for the project. Michael has also worked with Alathea, Ryan Long, and Beggarman. Our second album entitled, “Dying to Live”, was released during the summer of 2005. We were blessed to have guitar legend, Phil Keaggy, and Dove award winner, Mitch McVicker, record on two songs each.

We are constantly working to improve our music, stage presence, and increase our fan base. Many ideas that we’ve put into practice we’ve learned from more experienced artists. Since Rufus Tree’s inception in 1998, we’ve had the privilege of opening for Sonicflood, Derek Webb, The Normals, Satellite Soul, Mitch McVicker, Rusted Root, Bill Mallonee, Lifehouse, and Blind Melon.

Through the use of uncommon instruments such as the accordion, mandolin, harmonica, and hammer dulcimer blended with the standard guitar, bass and percussion norm, we’ve managed to create our own sound and spark interest in places that we never thought were possible. We hope to see you soon!

“…but now that I've awakened from an empty dream, I see the light I smothered with the things that I don't need.”
-Rufus Tree


Wild Wind

Written By: Rufus Tree (Caleb Kruse, Peter Kruse, Kevin Hicks, Justin Lueders, Jedidiah Harrison)

She calls Monday morning
As I begin to wake
I wait by the phone
So you know I’ll be late

Sit and talk about the world
Like maybe there was nothing else
An answer to your problems
A solution to yourself (all together)
Waiting here so long, waiting so long

There’s a Wild Wind blowing like a hurricane
If you stand underneath Its pouring rain
It will make you clean
It will make your stains no more

I wait by the phone
So you know I’ll be late
If you don’t discover
My heart would break

Are you gonna be free
Like the birds up in the sky
Will they look down
And wonder why
You’re sittin’ on the ground
With the weight of the world
Still holding you down
You’re out for the count
With a little gray cloud
Hangin’ over top your heart
It don’t have to be so dark
No, it don’t have to be so dark


Written By: Rufus Tree

I went so far to reach another dream
But once again it was overrated
The closer that I came the more I found
A mirage of empty hopes that slowly faded

And I’m singing Yeah!
Look at all these thoughts of mine
In my head
You’re the only one of worth I find
In the end

Peace flows like a river
To my dreams
It’s a melody of all sufficient grace
If only I’d surrender
Then I’d be free
And Your presence would surround me like a flood

You caught me now

Dying To Live

Written By: Rufus Tree

Hope that maybe someday I might find
Find a way to no longer try
Living my life as though it were mine

Standing in the silence
Leaving myself behind
With my heart wide open
Dying to ask You

Why does it hurt so bad When it seems so easy
To die, it’s easier to die than choose what’s right
In front of me, there You are, here I am

Standing in the silence
Leaving myself behind
With my heart wide open
For You to come revive
Everything inside me
With everything you are
While I’m healed but broken
Dying to save my life

He saved my life

Lost For Words

Written By: Rufus Tree

Who are You, who are You
Who are You, who am I

I'm angry, I'm overwhelmed
I'm lost for words

I'm falling over
I can't see the ground
I'm falling over
Will You catch me now

I need You, I need You
I hear You died for me, I hear You died for me
Is this true, is this true
Can I still believe, can I still be free

I can't stand on my own strength
Can I fall into Your grace


Dying to Live (2005)
Rufus Tree (2001)

All of our songs are available for digital download from most distributors.

Set List

We like to play an upbeat set and get the crowd involved as much as possible. Usually by the end of our performance, the crowd is pumped and begging for more.

The length of our set ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The songs that we play live are all originals and include:

Already Here
Another End
Dead Battery
Dying to Live
Empty Frames
If I Know You
In Light of it All
Lost for Words
Remember My Chains
The Goat Song
This Picture
Wild Wind