Rugged Russian Bear

Rugged Russian Bear

 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Indie/Folk/Alt. Country Band inspired by the likes of Ryan Adams, Pedro the Lion and many others. Rugged Russian Bear is a powerful 4 piece with storytelling lyrics sure to have a place in everyone's heart. Four piece harmonies and driving guitar keeps you wanting more and more.


Beginning as Bob Dylan-esque folk music featuring only an acoustic guitar and harmonica, Rugged Russian Bear has evolved into using whatever instrument is close by, and best fits the song. From ukelele to trumpet Rugged Russian Bear gets to experiment with different sounds, getting a truly indie feel, while still keeping their folkish roots. With a writing style that mimics olde world storytellers, the lyrics of Rugged Russian Bear, most being inspired by life events within the band, speak of love, triumph, failure, imagination, supernatural,travel, and just plain life in general, and is sure to hit a chord with every listener.


"Love Songs for Lonely People, and Lonely Songs for Lovesick Fools EP" - 2003 - Solo Acoustic

"Blurry Chairs in Cathedrals EP" - 2006 - Solo Acoustic

"7 Demos" - July 2010 - Acoustic Demos

Rugged Russian Bear EP - Oct 2011

Set List

Night After Night
Not At Home
Bury Me
Cities Are Cold
Lincoln Highway