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Have you ever wondered, "What happened to the guy that is charismatic, personable, relatable, stylish, and talented?" Well, look no further. Here to reinvigorate the aesthetic of manly cool is rapper Rugz D. Bewler.

But exactly who is Rugz D. Bewler? The answer to that question is found in the definition of his moniker. Rugz D. Bewler is actually the inverse of his former stage name, D. Rugz (a combination of the first initial of his birth name [Damany] and the lure of his addictive personality [Drugs]), and an altered spelling of the last name from the lead character of his favorite movie (Ferris Bueller).

But unlike the fictional figure, Rugz D. Bewler's environment never consisted of a life of luxury. Despite Rugz D. Bewler being born in Brooklyn, New York and spending time as a kid in the Bronx, Harlem is the place where Rugz D. Bewler grew from a boy to a man, and it’s the place that he calls home.

Raised by his mother in a single parent household, where he was the eldest of two boys, Rugz D. Bewler was forced to mature quickly and become the source of inspiration within his family. While everyday life might have been filled with hardships, his home was filled with music, easing the burden of constant struggle.

During the school week (Monday through Friday), Rugz D. Bewler tuned in regularly to watch one of New York City’s most influential music video programs, Video Music Box, where he became enthralled with hip-hop music. Whereas on Sundays, while cleaning and doing chores, Rugz D. Bewler would listen to the soul music playing on Hall of Fame disc jockey Hal Jackson’s Sunday Morning Classics on New York City radio station WBLS.

Not only did Rugz D. Bewler have an affinity for urban music, he also found himself interested in other genres as well. While listening to classics like A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders and Green Day’s Dookie, Rugz D. Bewler absorbed the diversity and creativity their music offered and incorporated similar elements in his own style. But early on, Rugz D. Bewler’s alternative sensibilities didn’t quite gel with the natives in his Harlem community, which led to him being an outcast and labeled by other kids in his neighborhood as a "weirdo" and "fake white boy."

But undeterred by the naivety of his peers, Rugz D. Bewler continued to push forward with his distinctive brand of cool, and before you knew it, his critics eventually became his followers (he actually addresses the subject on his song “Watz Dat,” where he rhymes: “couple laughs later they was all like me, walk talk like D.”)

Blessed with a distinct voice that immediately distinguishes him from his peers, adding a bit of intrigue to his vocals, Rugz D. Bewler fascinates listeners not only with his tone and drawl but also with his versatility as a songwriter/MC, arsenal of witty metaphors, unique rhyme patterns, and identifiable stories that all leave an imprint on the brain.

With Harlem being a locale that has historically influenced style and cool globally, it's only natural that Rugz D. Bewler would embody those same elements, bringing originality and individuality back to the culture and art form he truly loves—hip-hop and rap, respectively. Although Rugz D. Bewler walks a path seldom pursued for fear of not fitting into the status quo, as a leader of his own destiny, he embraces the obstacles before him as a means to defy the odds and prove that you can succeed without compromising your integrity. Now that Rugz D. Bewler has earned the respect of his peers as a man, it is now his mission to capture the ears of a growing number of fans.


Footnote: In addition to music, Rugz D. Bewler (Damany Mathis) also acts. In 2000, he made his 1st appearance on the silver screen as the character “Kenzo” in the blockbuster movie Finding Forrester, starring Sean Connery and Rob Brown.