Charley Orlando

Charley Orlando

 Syracuse, New York, USA

Charley Orlando is the essence of heart in music. With the release of his 13th album Charley continues to paint outside the lines of convention! In his 20 plus year career he has been added to the GRAMMY entry ballot a total of 28 times and played over 3,000 shows in North America!


[Charley Orlando] brings to mind the richness, soul and intelligence of the folk- rock
movement at its best. - Post Standard, Syracuse,NY

After 13 albums, and over 3,000 shows, 200 original songs, and 22 years in the music industry,
it was time for Charley Orlando to try something a little different on his latest release - Root.
Many artists would reject the notion of changing their approach after having been placed on
the Grammy Entry Ballot 28 times, sharing the stage with legends such as String Cheese
Incident, Umphrey’s McGee, Kid Rock, and Meatloaf, and successfully touring the US many
times over, but Charley has never been your typical artist.

On Root, Charley implemented an unconventional recording style creating rhythmic patterns
and atmospheric layers in Ableton Live first, before adding guitar, harmonica, and finally vocals
to each track. The resulting sound is what Charley refers to as “Organica Groove,” which has
been luring concert attendees into a trance-like state at recent shows. The opening track on
Root, “New World,” with its pulsing electronic beat, harmonically rich synth undertones, jangly
acoustic guitars, singing harmonica, and lush vocals is a fitting introduction to the masterful
sonic landscapes present on this album. Other standout tracks such as “Before You Go”
and “Totally Exposed” have a more reflective sound similar to that of Ryan Adams. However,
the feel good grooves and positive lyrics featured in “Temporary” and “Miners Creek” may be
the best examples of “Organica Groove” on Root.

Charley Orlando is constantly restless as an artist, proven by his prolific writing and unbridled
musical ambition. Root, an amazing album in its own right, is simply a taste of what Charley
has to offer in the near future. Keep your eyes out for a “folk style” album to compliment to
the “Organica Groove” featured on Root, and, as if that were not enough, Charley also plans
on releasing a Bob Dylan tribute album before the year is out. Root is a true snapshot of
where Charley is now as an artist, and be sure to hear it today, because tomorrow he may be
somewhere completely different on his musical journey.


Hope 1992
420 1995
Alive & Well at the Gates of Eden 1996
True 1998
Live without a Crowd vol. 1 1999
Live without a Crowd vol. 2 2000
Color Me Naked 2001
Beauty & Pain 2004
Live @ The Redhouse 2005
The Dust That Lands 2007
Charley Orlando 2008
Free World Citizen 2009
Luminosity EP 2010
Root 2011
From The Heart(Tribute To Bob Dylan)(due out Fall 2011)

Set List

shortest 45min.
longest 2 1/2 hours