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Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 2003 | SELF

Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil | SELF
Established on Jan, 2003
Band Rock Instrumental


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"ruído/mm: Rasura (by Matt Schlittler)"

It’s quite notable that some great, remarkable post-rock artists have been showing up lately around the world. And the Brazilian scene is getting stronger each day, with incredible new bands coming up with releases that borderline perfection every now and then, just like E a terra nunca me pareceu tão distante, Hurtmold and Pequeno Céu have been doing lately. And then we have ruído/mm, a Curitiba-based sextet, which released the record I’ll be talking about, Rasura, in 2014.

This is going to be a little different from my usual reviews, as I just didn’t care much about the tracks’ names. It’s not intentional, I swear: it’s just that I can’t explain with words what really happened with me and what I thought about while listening to this album for the first time. I absolutely forgot about the world around me and just enjoyed this experience. I mean it when I say that this is probably one of the best post-rock albums I’ve ever heard; it’s atmospheric, subtle and neat to your ears: none of their song has lyrics, so you can feel the perfect flow of the instruments running through your veins. The classical second-wave influence shows up in some tracks, with clear references to bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Mogwai appearing all the time.

At some point during my listening out-of-body experience, I decided to check out what track was playing. It was called “Transibéria”, and it’s definitely one of the most beautiful instrumental songs that I’ve ever heard, in all my life. It was such a cold moment, such a perfect track; I have nothing else to say about it. It is absolutely beautiful.

Every little string plucked on this record seems majestic. Every little detail seems so clean, so well-thought of and so deep to me. It is a unique experience for the ones who praise good instrumental music – of course, mainly for those into post-rock. As I’m getting redundant, I’m going to wrap this up asking you for something: check it out. Just listen to it. It was life-changing to me, and definitely will be at least a pampering to yours. Really. - Calliope Mag UK

"2014 LPs: ruído/mm - Rasura"

Since the release of 2007’s A Praia, ruído/mm has been comfortably sitting in the pantheon of post-rock (though the members themselves do not consider their music to follow such trend), amongst the greatest of the genre. And, as if their position had ever been questioned, 2014 saw the release of Rasura, their best work to date. It is dramatic, wild and earthly, bearing such a connection with the listener that it borders the unnatural. If by the end of Transibéria you are not holding your guts together, you’re a hopeless case. - Passaron

"Review: Rasura, by ruído/mm (por Jack Chuter)"

Rasura has got everything in it: a soundtrack to a romantic dinner in the Mediterranean, guitar solos announcing an epic Morricone shootout, crushed ballads for kamikaze hearts. Often it feels like an imaginary highlights reel culled from across the entire space-time of instrumental rock, with the blossoming guitars of Explosions in the Sky sprouting upon the otherworldly expanses of Pink Floyd in all their astronomical excess, prog rock bombast falling suddenly humble to the tune od post-rock's soft moderation. Their adoration for their art permeates every single nook of it, even if their art doesn't entirely belong to them. - Rock-a-Rolla Magazine


A gathering of the band's main reviews (mostly in Portuguese, but Google Translator may help). - Various


Rasura (Sinewave, 2014)

Introdução à Cortina do Sótão (Sinewave, 2011)

Praia (Open Field Records, 2008)

Série Cinza (Ruído Corporation, 2004)



The band is called ruído/mm, which could be translated as noise per millimeter - an imaginary unit created to represent what cannot be described or verbalized. This is the comparison and the approximation the group attempts to develop and achieve thought its compositions, where electric guitar FX experiments meet contemporary classical piano themes, reaching the listener in a synesthetic way.

According to Pitchfork, their tunes could be described as sort of a “spaghetti-western space rock music”. Although this might sound weird, it gives the right idea about how far this band’s horizon (or the rabbit hole) goes. And what is most surprising about these Brazilian folks is not the range of their musical references, but how they are blend as if they weren’t there at all.

Founded in 2003, in Curitiba (a cold Brazilian town) ruído/mm is now a leading representative of the Brazilian post-rock scene. The sextet has been disseminating their noisy work through several concerts and had the scope of their music amplified by the work of journalists, bloggers and fans from inside and outside the country. Their curriculum has four critically acclaimed albums: “Série Cinza” (“Grey Series”) - Ruído Corporation, 2004; “A Praia” (“The Beach”) - Open Field Records, 2008; “Introdução à Cortina do Sótão” (“Introduction to the Attic’s Curtain”) - Sinewave, 2011; and “Rasura" (“Erasure”) - Sinewave, 2014.

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