Ruined Conflict

Ruined Conflict

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

We are an Synthpop/Futurepop Band from the United States. Our divers sound truly establishes who we are as a band and musicians. Our mix of Alternative Electronic and orchestrated melodies give a lot to offer to our fans including vocals that follows the music in a majestic and structural manner.


Formed in 2011, Ruined conflict strives on developing a unique style of alternative electronic and orchestrated symphonies that would allow them to release a diverse and dynamic sound that would separate the band from others. Influenced by Industrial Alternative rock and metal creating there first album would be challenging. The message is simple " live for yourself not others ". Lead Singer and the composer "Xavier Morales" has worked hard in establishing himself as a idealist and emotionally releasing his opinions and rage in his music, as well as balancing and carefully choosing the right sound and melodies to back him up in every individual track. Working with composer and music engineer "Eric Holzer" both we're able to come of with a method that seemed to work. Ruined Conflict has two main members and and three live members. The meaning behind the name Ruined Conflict was established by Government policies that only seem to make matters worst from both parties. From war to politics it always seems as if they are trying to "Ruined "us by creating more "Conflict" instead of solutions. No matter the crisis that is faced or obtained, the overall power and corruption will forever be taken out on the rest of us and our society. We need to speak out and raise our voice so that unity and structure's can one day be reformed.



Written By: Ruined Conflict

Verse one:
I walk the road in ruined lands
I reflect on everything
Onto the distance I will stand
As you forsaken me
But I will hold my head up high
No matter how this may unfold
One day we'll fight again
For now we'll call this home

I pray one day we'll reach
An end to man's destruction
I will sacrifice myself
In honor we seek answers
In unity we'll see
No more pain and agony
Our memories are held
One day we will be free

I pray one day we'll see
Peace and hope across the nation
Our actions justified
As we embrace the ending
Where's the union that we seek
The joy and harmony
How can we better ourselves
As we endorse defeat

Verse two:
As you bring judgment over me
We fins no sanity
I seem to ask myself everyday
Could this be our mistake
But I will stand right be your side
Until your hurt is torn away
We look back on our passed and see a world of hate
As we turn the page and move on to our next chapter
From all that we have witness we need each other more than ever !


Ruined Conflict - A.R.M.O.R.
Ruined Conflict - Treason Ep
Ruined Conflict - Justified EP

Set List

Last Chapter
Out Of line
United We Stand and fall
In Open Arms
We Will Be Heard