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"Ruined Faith Interview"

Ruined Faith Interview

Thanks so much for having this interview with Corrupted Lyrics

CL: What’s the band members names and what do ya play in the band?

Ruined Faith: Rob: Raymond(Vocals), Carlos(Guitar), Jesse(Bass), Rob(Drums)

CL: So, Ruined Faith, what made you come up with the name?

Ruined Faith: Rob: Well, When we had to change our band name cause of the whole situation we had to go through with this other band threatening to sue us, we felt that people were trying to ruin our faith of being successful, so we just said "Lets call it ruined faith."

CL: Ok, so I read your blog about registering your band name, and having your lyrics copy written. Quoted: "So, for the ones who tried to screw us over and tried to rip us off, "FUCK YOU" What’s the deal with that?

Ruined Faith: Rob: It was just something said out of frustration and of course when you say stuff out of frustration, you really don't mean what you say cause it was just a hard thing for us to change our name cause we already had good recondition with our original band name which I cannot say for legal reasons.

CL: As far as 2007 goes, what was the highlight of this year?

Ruined Faith: Rob: Highlight of the year was when we went to San Angelo in October to play a halloween show and that place was completely packed and everyone was just going crazy and moshing all over the fucking place and after our show we had given out all of our demos that night but, we didn't take enough demos cause we didn't know that there were gonna be that many people in the venue. So that was the biggest highlight of the year for the band.

CL: You guys started in 2003, with going on 5 years under your belt, is Ruined Faith where you wanted to be now?

Ruined Faith: Rob: Actually we started in 2004, But ruined faith is no way near where we want it to be. We still got a shit load of places to go and so many people's attention to get cause we plan on going all the way with this band. We're not gonna be like "Ok, we had one good show with a lot of people there so we made it and this is it." We're never gonna think like that. We started it and we're gonna finish it.

CL: You guys have played with some pretty good bands as far as local bands go, who's your favorite band to share the stage with so far?

Ruined Faith: Rob: Our favorite local band to share the stage with is plague cause those guys have some kick ass songs and they can definitely put on a show every time they hit the stage.

CL: I know you guys played with some national acts as well. Who was your favorite to play with?

Ruined Faith: Rob: Yea we played with quite a bit of national acts but, I have to say that our favorite national act was Himsa.

CL: Who would you guys like to play with in the future; local as well as national bands go?

Ruined Faith: Rob: I can't think of any locals cause we've pretty much played with every local band in San Antonio but as far as national acts are concerned, There's lamb of god, Killswitch engage, Metallica, Slayer, Mudvayne, and lot more others cause that's the level we wanna take the band at.

CL: I know ya are working with Trish from Heavy Metull Producktions, she’s a doll, how has going to her for shows doing for ya so far?

Ruined Faith: Rob: It's been amazing to go to her for shows and she's treated us with much respect and he's helped us in anyway that she could. She's actually helping us plan a Texas tour that will start in February so we really thank here for helping us trying to get exposure.

CL: You guys played a show for me once, and I have to say you guys kicked some ass on stage, how are the people in the crowed taking to your band?

Ruined Faith: Rob: They're taking to us pretty good, We have people come up to us after every show and give us comments telling us how good we did but of course it's gonna take some time to get certain people's attention.

CL: I see you guys got a chance to play with Inner Vision, how was that? Those guys are great musicians.

Ruined Faith: Rob: Yea we did. Inner Vision has great music and are really great musicians, Playing a couple of shows with them was quite an experience and we actually invited them to play a show with us in Austin and they were amazing.

CL: We are now moving into 2008 in the matter of days, what do you hope to accomplish or your goals for Ruined Faith?

Ruined Faith: Rob: Our main goal is to get our to every single venue in the world that we can get into and get our band name out there and possibly become on of the best metal bands to ever be in the metal scene.

CL: Did any specific bands inspire you to get into the type of music that you are playing today?

Ruined Faith: Rob: Oh yeah, So man bands like Pantera, Metallica, Slayer, Lamb of god, Hatebreed, and Killswitch engage.

CL: When writing songs, how does everyone in the band agree on what sounds good and what stays in the new songs?

- BJ Corrputed Lyrics


Ruined Faith Demo 2006
1. Useless the world seems
2. Wounds
3. Suicide Notice
4. No Regrets

Ruined Faith Demo 2007
1.Beautiful Ashes Of The Dead
2.Death Threat
3.Remove The Stress

Ruined Faith Demo 2008
1.The Fallen
2.Not Trusted
3.Reaching Out



Ruined faith was started in October of 2004 and their main goal is to just get known in the metal scene all over the world. They have played a big number of live shows in san Antonio, Austin, dallas, seguin, san angelo, and Odessa. They also opened up for big national metal acts like Darkest Hour, A Life Once Lost, and Himsa.

In December of 2005, Ruined Faith performed at grahams central station in san Antonio for battle of the bands with 30 local, regional, and national acts and out of the 30 bands they ended up in the top 3. Even though they didn’t win they still moved on to bigger and better things. Since then, Ruined faith has performed at small and large venues playing their own original material cause this is not a cover band.

Ruined faith has participated in many festivals such as brutalfest, Battle of the bands, Spring break massacre, Doublefisted festival, 10x10x10 festival, Extreme metalfest, and Holiday havoc festival.

Ruined faith has their own original music which is based on metal, hardcore, and hard rock grooves. Also influenced by many different bands like pantera, metallica, Slayer, Lamb of god, and Killswitch engage. They are currently getting ready to go back into the studio to record their third demo cd and will be released in early february or march and promise that it will be more heavy than any other music they’ve ever made.