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Single - "Gone But Never Forgotten"



AboutRuins of Time
The year was 2006, inside a garage in Victorville, CA. The line-up consisted of a drummer, two guitarists (one "straight edge" lead guitarist while the other, a drug addicted rhythm guitarist), and a nervous female singer. The band - Ruins of Time. Quarrels rose with the drug addict continuously taking a leave of abscence for self indulgence that lead to exile. Shortly after his eradication, the singer felt unworthy of her position demoting herself to bassist then resignation. Her replacement was a rookie uncertain of his future by the name of Eddie "The Singer" Mendez.

Year 2007
Ruins of Time played their first shows as a three man band like most. The guitarist and rookie Singer embraced the passion of a live crowd commencing mosh pits before them leaving a taste for more. Although the drummer enjoyed the excitement he left to pursue his passion, to serve in the United States Air Force. The ongoing struggle did not bring the feeble band to defeat. Instead, the guitarist and The Singer thrived under the adveristy and found John "The Drummer" Quiroz.

2007 - 2008
Ruins of Time decided to leave the music scene for nearly a year to enhance their skills and run with a direction; Hardcore Metal. In the midst of practicing, nine songs were developed, the guitarist nabbed a girlfriend who became their manager and the band was ready to step out again. They played twice at The Ponderosa in Apple Valley, CA and immediately acquired a freshman bassist for their third show at Angel's Roadhouse in Apple Valley, CA. Things seemed to be going well for Ruins of Time. No one was complaining, everyone was putting their best effort and even developed merchandise to remain afloat and maintain a presence in the scene.....until the guitarist and manager/girlfriend began having problems. The quit the band as well as their relationship and Ruins of Time ceased for the rest of 2008.

Year 2009
The year was 2009 and this became Ruins of Time's most fortunate year. The band followed through with music once more and requested the skills of an ambiguous Joe Ontiveros to claim his position as "The Guitarist". The bassist bounced during Summer, but Ruins of Time did not stop and quickly picked up a new, but no rookie named Brandon "The Bassist" Lopez. Passion was finally restored within the band and rejuvenated the perpetual itching of practice knowing the importantance, but a stepping stone to prosperity. Ruins of Time released their first single selected by their fans "Gone But Never Forgotten" and achieved a new line-up featuring:

Kicks from the almighty - John "The Drummer" Quiroz
Graceful Picks from the Angels of Night - Joe "The Guitarist" Ontiveros and Brandon "The Bassist" Lopez
And, the voice of those once beaten and forgotten - Eddie "The Singer" Mendez

Together they are Ruins of Time and they will never be beaten nor forgotten.