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My music touches the soul with positive, inspirational strong messages of peace, love & unity. You will enjoy melodic singing, excellent song arrangements, and pulsating Reggae beats & riddims. Get FREE DOWNLOAD of my songs on my audio page or


Ruel Brown, aka Rula Brown, was born in East Kingston, Jamaica. He attended XLCR High School in Jamaica before migrating to the United States. He pursued his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Rula received his Master of Science (MSc.) in Mechanical Engineering at New Jersey Institute Of Technology with high honors. Rula worked for AT&T/Lucent Technology many years as hardware Engineer designing telecommunication equipment now being used on the Internet.

Rula always enjoyed listening to music since his early days, especially to Dennis Brown, Ken Boothe, The Heptones, Bob Marley, Delfonics & Stylistics. Rula sang, produced his first song, titled "Life Without Love/Reggae Down On It" while getting his masters degree. He released it on his own, BEE CAT RECORDS label in New Jersey. The single was a hit , #5 on the Reggae charts in New York. It did very well in other states and Europe.

Rula will release his 9th
CD title "Positive Inspirations" Spring 2K11.

Rula has produced other Reggae Artists such as :SHAGGY, RAYVON, PAPA SAN, SHABBA RANKS, MERCILESS, DERECK PARKER, LEROY SMART, JACK RADICS, LUKIE D, COBRA, SKANKY DAN, RED FOXX many others. Rula also worked with SLY & ROBBIE in New York City doing some amazing tracks which was co-produced by LEW CHANG and engineered by PHILIP SMART of HCF Studio.

Some of the aforementioned artist songs were released on other major labels such as: VIRGIN RECORDS, ATLANTIC Records, VP Records, PRIORITY Records, SONY, RYKODISC, JET STAR RECORDS & RAS Records.

Currently, RULA has produced over 500 songs on the BEE CAT Record label and published on BEE CAT Music.

Rula has been quite proactive in the promotion of the GRANNY-Icy Academic Scholarship program that he founded in September of 1999. The program was created in memory of his grandmother, Miss Adeline Smith ,and his mother Ms. Icilda Malcolm who died September 13, 1999.

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Currently Rula has approx. 2 million hits on YOUTUBE videos, over 5,000 MySpace friends and almost 4,000 Facebook friends. Finally, Rula's radio show is very popular on USTREAMtv. The Peace and Love Vibration Show airs; Sun, Mon, Thurs & Sat on & "The SULTRY SUNDAY SLOW Jamz" is especially very popular, where we give away prizes in the name the song/artist contest. Rula has also hosted radio programs on 1570 AM & 1420 AM in Atlanta, Georgia.


Rula Brown video track on Tribute to Dennis Brown
dvd"Memories of You" Dec 07 release summer 08
CD "Positive Inspirations" Release 3/15/11
CD "Nuff Niceness" release 7/15/07
CD "Hey Mr." release 9/1/2002
CD "Positvity" release 8/1/2000
CD "Rula" release 7/5/1998
CD "Brand New Me" release 4/9/1995
CD "Party On The Beach" release 8/5/1990
CD "Many A Times" release 7/7/1985

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Set List

"If I Give My Heart 2 U"
"Inferiority Complex"
"Talking About My Baby"
"Hard To Confess"
"Lela My Friend"
"Nuff Niceness"
"Girl Wine"