Rule of Thumb

Rule of Thumb


Hard hitting, driving, in your face old school influenced hardcore and punk meant to leave you breathless and wanting for more. Never a dull moment high energy sets that bring you to your feet and never let you down.


It's like this, Hardcore, Punk, Metal, etc. is for everyone. Fuck what ya heard, Hardcore is not an exclusive club for scene kids trying to be cool or tough guys looking to beat up on not so tough guys or about any one individual. There is a million different styles of music out there and probably a million different ways to play it. Hardcore is about Unity. Rule of Thumb is about 3 guys from 3 different backgrounds coming together as one for a common love of hardcore as we interpret it. We have no needless filler, you will not find any solos or pointless catchy hooks here. We play straight forward, in your face Hardcore & Punk with brutal breakdowns and honest lyrics. Our songs are about what we know, the trials and tribulations we have been through. We talk about loss, violence, emptiness, alcohol(lots of this one), but we also have a sense of humor about ourselves. Check out EmoSexual(its more about accepting yourself as you are than you might think) or catch us at one of our shows doing a Brittney Spears or Cristina Aguilara cover. The current lineup has been together since Jan 09 and are regulars on the Vegas bar scene and are breaking into the all ages scene here one kid at a time. We tour through the west and the south whenever we can and are looking to extend further to the east by the end of this year.


Whiskey Born LP 2007

Set List

15+ Original Songs, 5+ Covers


Drink, Fuck, Fight, Die (D.F.F.D.)
Strapped In
Bully Kings
Acts of Violence
By My Hand
Stuck In A Rut
So What If I Kill You?
The American Dream
Scrappin On The Floor

Hit Me Baby
Jump Around