Ruler Why Recordings

Ruler Why Recordings

 Austin, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

Texas Hip Hop the way it should be. Hard beats and Skillful lyrics. No stupid sh*t, just authentic music we all love.


Ruler Why Recordings is a production powerhouse and Independent Hip Hop Label. The label currently provides a foundation to Austin & San Antonio based Hip Hop groups and solo rappers. The roster includes but is not limited to...
-The Vultures
-SubKulture Patriots
-Ndeo the Blindsider
-King Art
-Mad One
-Jamar Equality


The Vultures - 7 Rings of Saturn
The Vultures - Desert Eagles Vol. 1
K.I.N. - Knowledge Is Now
Richard Gein - Zombie Vomit
OT23 - Supernova
SubKulture Patriots (self titled)
SubKulture Patriots - The Kulture Riots
OT23 - No Clip Full Enough
Mad One - The Asylum
King Art - The Divine Knight
Ndeo the Blindsider - Warning Shots
Blazy - Verbal Darts