Rules of Attraction

Rules of Attraction


We are a three-piece group that play a fiery, energetic set of original punk rock, following more in the footsteps of local heroes Naked Raygun and Pegboy instead of the pop-punk junk that clutters alternative radio. We are comprised of former members of the Monsingors and Tango Wedding Band.


Rules of Attraction was born around the time that their former 6-piece band, the Monsignors, was calling it quits. Mike Puljung had begun rocking out on the side with former Monsignors drummer Alex Pekar in late 1998. After the Monsignors broke up in early 1999, Mike and Alex added bass player Andy Preston to the mix. Soon after Andy joined the band, Alex moved away and was replaced by Matt Barr. It was then that they knew they had something special brewing.

The 3-piece quickly began playing shows all over Chicago and were an instant success. They carried their excitement into the studio in early 2001 and recorded the one-sided LP, Geometry of Impact. The 4-songed EP was well received by the public and in turn they had the great fortune of opening for the Poster Children at the Empty Bottle in Chicago during Thanksgiving weekend 2001. The EP also caught the eye of Sinister Label, and in turn R(a) showed up on the compilation "Chicago: Arise from the Ashes".

From 2002 to early 2005, R(a) has been playing steadily, although slightly less frequently due to Mike's school load. Early this year Mike graduated from the University of Chicago (hooray!). To celebrate his graduation, R(a) is currently in the studio recording their first full length CD. Look for R(a) to come to a town near you this summer.

snail mail: 1942 W Addison #1W
Chicago, IL 60613



Written By: Mike Puljung/Rules of Attraction

Sweat Rolls-
Like pennies off his back.
Helmet eyes,
Trained Desert-wide,
Mirror the salt flat.

Fly draws near.

Jets ignite.
Toothed tires bite the ground.
His parachutes just won't deploy,
And no one could suspect.

Desert fly.

Metal flies-
Not meant to leave the ground.
Spirit of America:
Shit and blood on the salt flat.

Rules of Attraction

Written By: Mike Puljung/Rules of Attraction

She's out tonight.
Her prosthetic beauty.
The fading light.
Back of a movie.

She slips into the party sideways.
A hundred eyes see "victim" on her face.
I look for dirty human contact
and her arms, her arms are wide open.

Earth, Moon-
Orbits collapsing to collision
and I feel the Earth move
with the weight of your decisions.

We slip into my little room and
we abuse each other for a while.
I'm through. She's hurt.
I kick her out and now her eyes,
Her eyes are wide open.

(Repeat chorus x2)


2001 - Geometry of Impact 12" LP/EP (Standing Eight Records).
2002 - Chicago: Arise from the Ashes (Compilation CD - Sinister Label)
2005 - ??? Currently recording full length CD (Standing Eight Records)

Set List

We have somewhere between 20-25 original songs that range from 2min - 4min each. We prefer to play 30-40 minute sets, but we have enough material to cover around an hour and a half. We have also been known to perform an occaisonal cover song (not usually though)...Jailbreak - Thin Lizzy; New Rose - The Damned; Come On, Come On - Cheap Trick (to name a few).