Plattsburgh, New York, USA

Lucid's sound is a brew of blues& rock. A wide array of instrumentation gives them the ability to create organic and diverse pieces of music that evoke familiarity while maintaining a fresh approach to classic styles. Influences: RL Burnside, Jimi Hendrix, Rush, Candiria, Oliver Lake, Phish, etc.


Lucid was born and raised in the energetic, diverse musical culture unique to the City of Plattsburgh, New York, nestled high in the Adirondack Mountains. The area’s mix of local musicians, college students, out-of-towners and rural frequenters brings together music fans from all walks of life. Nearly a decade of progress and development has established Lucid as one of the most dynamic, hard working, finely tuned bands in the North Country.

Lucid’s music is incredibly diverse, playing with fresh takes on multiple genres from blues and jazz to rock, ska and hip-hop. They’ve managed to incorporate their myriad influences into an innovative new style that attracts fans from a wide range of musical backgrounds. Lucid’s enlivening, powerful performances energize concert goers from open to encore. Their songs remain structurally tight and carefully woven, distinguishing them from their jam band counterparts. Still, they’re unpredictable in nature, with a knack for improv and a talent for delivery.

Lucid features Kevin Sabourin (guitar | lead vocals), Lowell Wurster (percussion | harmonica | lead vocals), Jamie Armstrong (saxophone | vocals) Chris Shacklett (bass | vocals) Andy Deller (keyboard | vocals) and Kyle Murray (drums). Find yourself in the celebration that is a Lucid show, and you’ll quickly understand the infectious, unique experience that is their performance.
Come. Join the party.

Backwoods Pondfest

Since 2007, Lucid has hosted Backwoods Pondfest - a two-day music festival at Twin Ponds Resort Campsite in Peru, NY with KALI Productions, and Chris Boire, owner of Boire Design, Inc.. This has given Lucid the opportunity to play alongside such renowned acts as Max Creek, Chali 2na, Break Science, Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk, Rubblebucket, Spiritual Rez, Floodwood, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds and Twiddle. Additionally, Lucid gets to share their stage with local and regional favorites like Aqueous, Capital Zen, Hot Day at the Zoo, Shameless Strangers, and Sinecure.

Since Backwoods Pondfest started, Lucid has made it tradition to play both nights - an early slot Friday evening, and the closing slot late Saturday night. These past two years, Chali 2na has joined them onstage to freestyle during their opening performances - in 2010 during their original "Styles of the Smooth," and then again in 2011 during Lucid's cover of the R.L. Burnside traditional "Miss Maybelle."

Being the host band at Backwoods Pondfest, Lucid doesn't just perform; they participate in every aspect of production from the planning during the months leading up to it, to the clean up for weeks afterwards. From booking bands, hiring stage and security crew, preparing the campground, building stages, participating in production, and managing staff - a member of Lucid is there. This experience has groomed them to be an ideal festival band, and their past two summer festival tours have proved it. This year's festival tour is looking even more promising.


Live Album 2011: "Party Party Party All the Time"

Latest Album (2009): "Dewdmanwah"- click the below link to check out sample tracks!

Debut Album (2006): "Miles Deep" - Recorded at Chuck Eller Studios

Milkrun Series Compilation - (Nectar's, Sugarbush, and True North Records): "Styles of The Smooth" used in compilation (opening track on Miles Deep).

North Face Ski/Snowboard Film Festival: "Styles of The Smooth" (used in Rob Lapier's Video Clip, which won Best Video in the festival). Links to video can be found at or YouTube.

Set List

We change our set each night, choosing from 60+ original songs (six of which are sampled here in the music section) and a bunch of tasty and unique covers- The Doors, Sublime, RL Burnside, The Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Boz Scaggz, Steely Dan, Ice Cube, Beck, Brazilian Girls, The Talking Heads, Hall and Oats, etc.