In your face rock and roll. We know how to write & we know how to play. One of New Englands best local bands. We have mega drive for music and push to write lasting songs instead of 1 hit wonders. We've got melody, passion & energy. If you listen to us you'll agree we are going places.


We are a 4 peice rock band from the MA area.
We have been together only 2yrs but have all been playing for several years individually. Our influences are anything that anybody writes. What sets us aside from other bands is many things. 1. Having Steve as a writer with over 400 original songs.
2. The 4part harmonies and soulful guitar playing.
3. The insanely positive responses we get when we do shows. From club owners to fans to DJ's.
Infact it's amazing that we can fit our heads through a doorway. Not a show guys by that someone doesnt comment that we should already be signed and on the radio. We hope everyone is
sincere and as long as the compliments keep rolling, us 4 laidback guys will keep striving to make it to the top & that will be just the begining.


Can we start again

Written By: Stephen Paul Winnett Jr

La la la la
When I say these words
Try not to be offended
Sometimes love hurts
Sometimes you wish it never ended
We all know how love can hurt at times
We all have to cry, for a while
Dont mind me
I kinda feel like sh*t tonight
watching t.v
Nothings on and I'm really high
But I'm thinking of you as I fall asleep in my bed
I'm sorting out all the things that I cant keep
In my head
Dont bother to call me
If your drunk tonight
I'm tired of crying
I just want it to work out right and I say
Baby can we start again

La la la la
I know you feel
The same way as I feel
Aint no big deal
As long as our love is real
We cant avoid every fight
Dont you know
I love you more and more each night
I'd never let you go

Hurt me

Written By: Stephen Paul Winnett Jr

Tell me
Whats on your mind
I feel that somethings wrong
Deep inside
Holding out I dont know why
you chose to lie
You burnt me out then
left me here to die
You, didnt have to kill me
Didnt have to push me down
Didnt have to hurt me
Lie to me then throw me out

Call me suspicious
call me anything you want
call me pathetic when
you can prove me wrong
Well if I'm a fool
then so are you
then so are we
If I cant trust
Its only you
That's killing me


High again

Written By: Stephen Paul Winnett Jr

You cant see me from down here
Must be the dirt on the soles of your feet
While I'm sober your drugged up
Is fame the cause of your misery
You know that, you'd blow it
And you would never get by again
You told me, you'd fold in
If you could never get high again
What if I could impersonate you
Would I, Intimidate you
What if I could steal your fortune and fame,
Would you ever get
High again, high again, high again

Your selfcentered and wreckless
Do we support the drugs that you eat,
You got to learn to respect us
Cause its people like you
that are made by people like me


We currently have a 15 song C.D. out Titled
"Put some Rumble in your Box"
We get Airplay every Sunday night on
between 8pm and 10pm on The Homegrown Show hosted by Susan Toneria. We are currently working on getting press kits to other MA major Radio stations, such as HJY 94.1 WBCN 104.1 WAAF 107.3
We have a few tunes online at where you can listen and also read reviews of the songs from people all over the world. Online where people are brutally honest. All of our songs on garageband have all made it under 200 and 100 on the charts out of thousands of participating bands.

Set List

We have at least 5hrs of cover material and around an hour and a half of original material.
We cover songs such as,
What I got, Chop suey, Whatever, Sweet emotion,
Are you gonna be my girl, Its still rock and roll, Blister in the sun, Island in the sun, Swingtown, Cheeseburger in paradise, Machinehead, Would, Angrychair, Play that funky music, Welcome to paradise, Dammit, Sweet child of mine, Small things, Ladies night, Brickhouse, Laid, Song2, What would you say, This is a call, You give love a bad name, All apologies, Brothers unaware, Pain lies on the riverside, She, all apologies, Rape me, Dumb, Polly, Innocent, Bittersweet, You may be right, twist and shout, Again, peace frog, touch me, The middle, flavor of the week, Dig in, drive, One, Kryptonite, Sex type thing, Say it aint so, last resort, Cold hard bitch, You really got me, fire down below, fire, I will survive, The downtown, Bad day,
breakdown, need I really continue?
We basically play the genre of songs that the club p