ROCKABILLY MADNESS WITH THE RUMBLECATS.. A Mix of Country Blues & Old School Rock n Roll...The boys Tear thru a Selection of classic's as well as Some way cool Originals...Look 4 the New Cd.."Live In NYC" This Summer...


It all happened by accident & very fast..on the streets of NYC...fiddles fedor was all alone in a dark alley playing his bass 2 all the kats & kittens
when rumblecat Rivers was crusin' by in his cadillac deville"maybelline" when he heard the magic sound....the duo gathered up their gear & rolled on down ..2 a dark lit street with a neon sign that said "OPEN ALL NIGHT" As they entered they heard the rockin beat of the drums..& they wailing licks of a guitar in heat they joined in and the place began 2 rock and then began 2 roll... out of the ladies room she came...a feline sassy & sexy that all the boykats just purrred..and she said" U will be rumblecats forever more."..And the legend began........With a six pack & a bottle of jack the Cats began their Journey....get ready 2 rumble.......


"The Rumblecats" Live in NYC...

Set List

Mystry train
mean women blues
big boss man
lonesome train
mess of blues
my baby left me
wild in the streets
crazy lil thing called love
19th nervous breakdown
yer cheatin heart
walkin after midnite
memphis tennessee
shake rattle & roll
Shake this house
reconsider baby
red lipstick
midnight express
6 pack & a bottle of jack
shoppin around
lonesome highway