Rumble Club

Rumble Club


Kentucky Fried Hellbillies Riding Wild Mustangs while Johnny Cash is Robbing a Bank with Social Distortion.


"It is singer/guitarist Jack Coray's guitar work and magnetic vocals that are the most instantly grabbing. He plays guitar like a cross between Carl Perkins, Junior Brown and Dick Dale and he's vocally akin to Johnny Cash and Mike Ness, making for a devastating combination. " - CityBeat Magazine

Formed in 2004 this rugged Kentucky based four piece have become a favorite in the Greater Cincinnati and Tri State area with a loyal following that extends across the nation. Rumble Club released it’s first EP in 2004, followed by a full length CD “Rumble Club Rides Tonight” released in 2005. In 2007 the band expanded it’s depth recording their 2nd record album titled In Case of Rumble.
March 30th 2007 Rumble Club releases their 2nd full length album:
Whether it’s Fisticuffs, Murder Ballads, or Hellbillies in a ‘59 Caddy,.. Rumble Club once again delivers their edgy rampaging sounds on their second full length CD; In Case Of Rumble…
This album of all original songs tells the stories of the Renegade, the Criminal, and the Rebel. With band Leader Jack Coray’s “Deep as the Mississippi Voice” and fully loaded guitar, together with the driving rhythm guitar of Jay “Chewy” Clark, heart pounding stand up bass by Alex “Bones” Becket, and Train rolling drum beats from Tim Heinrich make for fast-paced, nitro-fueled music that cuts full on Psychobilly with fireball psych storming.
“Simply put, Rumble Club is an all original act that sounds like no other…”

Press, Radio and other Achievements:
Rumble Club Rides Tonight—Rockabilly Magazine 5 Stars *****
CD voted “The best of the rest” 2005—CityBeat Magazine
Artist of the week 2006—CIN Weekly
Featured Artist Pabst Blue Ribbon—Live and Local
Artist of the week 2007—CIN Weekly

Radio Airplay: Held in the top 30 KVCU Colorado for one month, hit #2 week of 11/4/05. WEBN, 105.5FM Belgium, KMUD, KUSP (hit #6), KDUR, KDHX, MCWC, Total Rock (UK), Go Kat Go Radio, KSJS, WDIY, Country Juke Box, KOTO, WBER, WBAR, Border Radio (hit #3), WHFR, Rockabilly Radio (hit #2), and KSJS.

TV: Appeared on Northern Kentucky’s Cable access program “Jikes” on channel 21

Press: Blue Suede News, Askew Reviews, Rockabilly Magazine, CityBeat Magazine, CIN Weekly, Boppin’ Around, El Beasto, UK Rock & Roll, Vibe Entertainment, Kentucky Post, Big Beat Magazine, Only Locals music guide, and Americore Magazine, Downtowner Entertainment Guide, Crackerjack Magazine, Dig This Real Magazine.

Performances with: The Legendary Shack Shakers, Unknown Hinson, Rosie Flores, The Meteors, The Reverend Horton Heat, and The Twistin’ Tarantulas.

Latest Articles:

Citybeat - Cincinnati's News and Entertainment Weekly.
Ready to Rumblebilly?

By Mike Breen
Rockabilly music seems to have more spin-offs than All In the Family. Sub-genres include Psychobilly, Voodoobilly, Thrashabilly, Punkabilly, Horrorbilly, Countrybilly and numerous others. I even found one Web site that said if you want to start a Rockabilly band but haven't yet, you play "Probabilly."

With a couple of exceptions, many of these 'billy clubs are started by one band, which becomes the sole practitioner. You rap over Eddie Cochran riffs? Congratulations, you're the pioneer of Rapabilly. Your music's like Charlie Parker meets the Stray Cats? Welcome to Bopabilly -- population: you.

The sound of Northern Kentucky's Rumble Club has some elements of many of the various subgenres, but none are quite appropriate to describe the band. The foursome fuses Pscychobilly's rocket-fuel energy but retains strong ties to Rockabilly, Rock & Roll and Country tradition. There's also a little Surf thrown in. For a genre so locked into to tradition, it's refreshing to hear artists like Rumble Club find there own distinct voice. Ultimately, thanks to great songwriting and their less restrictive approach, they land somewhere all their own. Therefore, by the powers invested in me by absolutely no one, I proclaim that Rumble Club's music will now be classified as "Rumblebilly."

Rumble Club began in 2004, releasing an EP, followed by the full-length, Rumble Club Rides Tonight, a year later. The band has drawn international attention, earning radio play on variously formatted stations around the globe and scoring write-ups in publications like Rockabilly Magazine. The band's new record, In Case of Rumble ..., should facilitate even more praise. In Case is being released Friday in conjunction with an RC show at downtown's Poison Room. The fun starts at 10 p.m. and features guests Lost State of Franklin, Hotel War and local Roots music hero, David Rhodes Brown.

Each song on In Case of Rumble is like a mini-version of an old pulp novel, telling tales of juvies, hot rods, gamblers and other cool outsiders and troublemakers. The members are ace instrumentalists and their dexterous chops are one of the main reasons In Case works so well. While it sometimes seems that adrenalized Rockabilly/Psychobilly acts are started by young ruffians weaned o


The Rumble Club

Written By: Jack Coray (c) 2005

Jack Coray Rumble Club Entertainmetn LLC (c) 2005

Well Chains and Pipes
Blades and Knives
We’re gonna meet up tonight
Getting’ ready for a really big fight

Rumble Club Rides Tonight
They won’t put up without a fight
Better not stand in their way
Or they’ll teach you a lesson
The Rumble Club Way

Well Rumble Club doesn’t take any flack
But the East Side Boys say to hell with that
They got really greasy hair and lots of tattoos
Rumble Club carry’s bats and puts nails in their boots
They drive 32 for with a Rumble seat
It’s a real low rider, the king of the street
Theirs a rumble down by the tracks tonight
Oh man these guys are ready to fight!

Well Rumble Club showed up and no one was around
They figured the east side boys must have lit out of town
But then they saw the lights from 50 cruisers
And big Eddy yelled “here come those loosers”
Well they walked across the field towards one another
Rumble Club realized they was out numbered
The East Side Boys yelled “You haven’t got a chance”
And Rumble Club yelled “C’mon lets dance”

Well long story short Rumble Club didn’t fail
And the East side boys, well they high tailed
Rumble Club is the king, the king of their turf
Don’t mess around with these boys or your gonna get hurt

Old Dog

Written By: Jack Coray (c) 2005

Old Dog

Written by Jack Coray (c) 2005 Rumble Club Records

You old dog barking at the storm

You old Crow trying to get home

When the chips are down everybody’s leaving town

That old dog he keeps me warm

He keeps me close

He knows I’m alone

Two old dogs riding out the storm

Old dog says you can go

But old dog lies I can see it in his eyes

Old dog why do you treat me so?

I’d run you off if I didn’t need you so

Old dog takes a part of my soul

That old bastard’s got me by the throat

Old dog, old blind dog, old deaf dog

What can you possibly know?

Old bird flew away with my soul

Old dog barks, wakes up the town

I look out, nobody’s around

Old crow died in the snow

Old dog will you finally let me go?


EP: 3 Song EP 2004
CD (Full length): Rumble Club Rides Tonight 2005
CD (Single): The Rumble Club 2006
CD (Full length): In Case of Rumble 2007

Rumble Club Rides Tonight CD. Debut CD that is being played on radio stations all over the world. "The Killer" is currently #2 on top 10 requests. The album hit #2 on KVUC 1190 Boulder Colorado’s top 30 albums. Voted one of the best new releases by Citybeat in 2005.

CD Reviews:

RUMBLE CLUB- Rumble Club Rides Tonight (Rumble Club Records) Highly appropriate alternate title: Guns, Pussy, Hot Rods & Beer. (And it’s weird how this sometimes happens, but in another piece I’m currently working on for Askew, I just mentioned how this is also the title of a mix I made in 1995. Probably why it so easily popped into my head while listening to this, but it’s totally fitting here). These Kentuckians play authentic, hot rockabilly that’ll have you wishin’ you were a got-dang hayseed just like them. Deep, clear, at times Cash-like vocals, smokin’ lead guitar, F#$!k-thumping standup bass and relentless, rattletrap drums all come together perfectly on this 11-song disc. I’m going to award my first annual Golden Fruit Jar Award (filled with a fiery, vomit-inducing quantity of moonshine and a couple dead flies floating on top, of course) to “Drive ‘Em On.” It’s a blasting, psychobilly-tinged Spaghetti Western-ish wailer that makes Ennio Morricone seem like he left his balls in his wife’s purse in comparison, and it absolutely rules. And while there are a bunch of great originals (at least I think these are originals, but how the f#$! would I really know? All these hillbillies sent us was a loose CD-R with no accompanying information- a CD-R that also temporarily crashed the sound on my computer, no less) on Rumble Club Rides Tonight, their brilliant cover of Golden Earring’s “Twilight Zone” alone makes this disc completely worth buying. They beautifully morph this ‘80s cheeseball anthem into a rockabilly pounder that’s just a joy to hear. This disc has many moments where it’s hotter than two foxes F#$!kin’ in a forest fire, and I bet Rumble Club is even better live. – Ben Hunter Askew Reviews

Rumble Club Rides tonight was voted one of the best locally released albums of ‘05. Citybeat Magazine

NOV./DEC. Rockabilly Magazine: Rumble Club "Rumble Club Rides Tonight" (Rumble Club Records) 2005 This rugged and stalwart Kentucky trio is a "can't miss" entry in the neo-billy field. They've honed a solid and addictive brand of rockin' that's sure to please. All sound good and motivated - this is a fun disc and a furious one. Jack Coray's deep-as-the-Mississippi, Cashesque vocals and rampaging guitar, together with headlong accompaniment by slapper Slimtone Osborn and drummer Matt Walsh, make for a disc most remarkable. This fast-paced and nitro-fueled music cuts full-on rockabilly with western voicings, countryish bopping and fireball psych storming. As likely to remind listeners of the Reverend Horton Heat as of Johnny Cash. One Kentucky pundit called Rumble Club "like the Clash, if they were American and more concerned with cars than politics." RECOMMENDED TRACKS: "My 56," "Lord Have Mercy," "Fantasma Juan," "The Rumble Club" FIVE STARS D.C. Larson Rockabilly Magazine
Best of Cincinnati for December 5, 2005 December 3, 2005
Psychobilly/Rockabilly trio Rumble Club releases its debut album, Rumble Club Rides Tonight, with a show Saturday in the Southgate House's parlour room. The disc was recorded with legendary producer/engineer Erwin Musper at his new Northern Kentucky studio and features 11 sizzling, high-octane songs that buzz with the spirit of vintage Rockabilly and burn with the fire of classic Punk. ( Mike Breen Citybeat Magazine

Rumble Club is a bad ass Psychobilly-Rockabilly trio from Kentucky. The guys deliver an edgy mix of aggressive Psychobilly with fuzz tone guitar sound, fast Neo-Rockabilly mixed with eerie Johnny Cash sound-a-like Western Bop music and Cow-Punk. Singer (and guitarist) Jack Coray sounds just like Cash!” Blue Suede News Magazine Sept 2005
The highlight of the record is their version of Golden Earring’s “Twilight Zone”, done in a Rawhide format, which is something you don’t hear everyday. The band shows no mercy unto adding any type of overzealous production to the record, proving that their place in the musical world is fueled by their tight chops and not some sort of imagery or gimmick. The music on this record could probably only be topped by their live shows—Tommy Hash Locals Only Magazine.

Set List

* indicates original by Jack Coray
*1. Chicken Pickin’ (Instrumental)
*2. My 56
3. Wrecking Ball
4. Ring of Fire
5. Ignition
6. Like A Rocket
*7. The Rumble Club
8. I wanna to be sedated
*9. Old Dog
10. 18 Miles to Memphis
11. Lord Have Mercy
*12. Cheap Trucker Speed
*13. Leaving This Town
14. Road Rage
*15. The Country Way
16. Drive Like Lightning
17. Fireball (Instrumental)
18. Rumble in Brighton
*19. Drive ‘em on
20. Hell bound Train
21. Twilight Zone
*22. The Killer
*23. Fantasma Juan
24. Folsom Prison Blues
*25. Wag it
*26. 59 Caddy
27. Galaxy 500
*28. Murder 1
*29. Old Utah
*30. Gamblers regret
31. Cat on a hot tin roof
32. Big river
*33. My hard luck
*34. Cuts down to the wire
35. Waitin’ in school
36. C’mon Everybody
37. Rock ‘n’ Roll Ruby
38. Mystery Train
39. Sam Hall
40. Cheap Trucker Speed
41. That’s alright Mama