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Anahola, Hawaii, United States | SELF

Anahola, Hawaii, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"2011 Hoku Awards nominees announced"

Rock Album of the Year
» “Dust for Angels” – Friends of Adam
» “Hawk and the Hunter” – Sabrina
» “Respect” – 86 List
» “Revisited” – Donovan Frankenreiter
» “Rumbletone” – Rumbletone
» “Stream Dreams” – Kamuela Kahoano - BY JOHN BERGER / Honolulu Star Advertiser


November 29, 2010 | by Skope Staff

Today on Cyber Monday it is important to take a break from all the shopping and perhaps take in some new music. As the weather goes from 75 to 25 degrees here in New England it is nice to know that Hawaii based Rumbletone can offer a sound that can warm us up. I caught wind of Rumbletone earlier this year when they released their debut album. With songs like “Show Me Who You Are” and “Imagine That” I knew I had to dig deeper. These guys might be mellow by nature but their sound is catchy & high energy. Join us as Paul Ventura speaks on everthing from musical longevity to cool ive venues in Oahu. - Skope Magazine

"Artists to Watch July 2010"

Skope: What does it mean to be featured in a music community as diverse as Skope?
Rumbletone: It validates the hours,days, and years of hard work as a working band, a songwriter, and the blood,sweat, and tears of our works with our recent debut Cd release. We believe it is relevant in today’s music as well as the music we grew up with.” Old school meets New school”. To be featured with and along side bands that are the music of yesterday,today,and tomorrow is well beyond a tap on the back, or a” You guys rock” comment at a gig (which is all good!) but to have our music recognized in the presence of such a diverse music community is extremely gratifying.
Skope: Would you say that the warm summer weather makes you more inspired to create music?
Rumbletone: Absolutely! The lyrics to Vacation verse 2 says it all.
we’ll get lots of sun, everyday
take a swim , let’s walk the bay
my bare feet are in the sand
now i know i’m in the promised land
rainbow skies are my destiny
i realize…
i’m on my vacation
The only thing living in Kauai is that this is part of daily life instead of vacation! Sorry, we all make choices. You can’t help but be inspired by the awe inspiring ocean,waterfalls,vegetation,sunrises,sunsets, and the Aloha spirit of the people that live here and visit here.
Skope: What is the most exciting aspect of being an independent artist in 2010?
Rumbletone: The journey and the unknown future. First it started with recording, mastering the CD, the Cd release, radio buzz, release party gigs, local music critic reviews, internet radio stations, Sonicbids submissions ,Skopemag.and more gigs! The journey where it begins and where it goes nobody knows. The available tools for bands in 2010 gives us access to endless opportunities to keep the dream alive. Thanks for Rock and Roll and the internet.
Skope: What other bands & musicians are you listening to right now?
Rumbletone: Re-release of Exile on Main Street-Rolling Stones , Kings of Leon, Stone Temple Pilots, Puddle of Mudd, Pearl Jam, Citizen Cope , Social Distortion, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Robin Trower
Skope: Has the Internet leveled the playing field between indie & major label artists?
Rumbletone: It certainly has enabled indie artists a chance to expose and share their music with fans and peers alike. Leveled , much closer the field, indie bands can fly on and all over the radar on internet radio like jango,last fm,etc.
Skope: What is coming up for you and where can readers learn more about you?
Rumbletone: We got some local and outer island gigs, the biggest on Oahu coming up at The Monarch Room in The Royal Hawaiian Hotel for the Jams World Fashion show/concert a benefit for the Children’s Cancer Society. We working on getting into some festivals in the mainland, more artists to watch features, more glowing Cd reviews. People can find us on our website Http:// or at ,Cdbaby, & I-Tunes. - Skope Magazine

"Rumbletone, Self-Titled"

Right away from the cover art, you are seeing a tropical setting complete with palm trees, water and rocks. On the back cover, you get a serene visual by way of the sun glaring down on the calm ocean waters. And here’s the kicker; Rumbletone is actually from the Hawaiian island of Kauai. So…it seems that the stage is set for a relax-in-your-hammock-type-record or is it???
The fun-in-the-sun, island vibe that I was expecting from this album never happened surprisingly. I couldn’t have been more wrong as to what to expect from this band and Rumbletone proved that to me. They also helped me realize to not assume things right away until you take in the full picture. We all know what happens when you assume, so no need to go there. Moving along now, what I did hear from this debut release was a lively mix of classic rock and alternative.
As soon as you push play, you are hearing cool rock mojo from the Hawaiian natives. What really impressed me were the awesome guitar solos throughout the 12-song set; no messin’ around in this department by Paul. I’m picking up on a classic, garage band appeal as well as a jam band feel after taking it all in. The other aspect that stood out to me in a BIG was how well each member played their individual instruments. All four musicians came together nicely, as a team, proving that band chemistry was not an issue. Rumbletone jammed out in fury and played like there was no tomorrow. I do believe that Rumbletone has a lot to offer with their fast & rollin’ tunes. Get ready for an all-out rock fest from some not-so typical Hawaiian rockers that call themselves Rumbletone. - Skope Magazine

"Island Sounds"

By Wayne Harada
Classic rock/alternate/blues
U'ilani Studios Kaua'i
Rumbletone (Kaua'i) is Paul Ventura, vocals and lead guitar; T.J. Wead, lead vocals and bass; Dale Dombrow, vocals and bass; and Mark McKamey, drums.
Overview: Group leader Ventura wrote or co-wrote all 12 tunes; nothing says original like your own music, and Rumbletone could evolve into a cornerstone of Island rock. There's punch and power and prowess throughout, without the overdrive volume. The brooding tone on "All About You" and the dance-tempoed "I'll Be Waiting" succinctly capsulizes the group's pliable spectrum.
- Honolulu Advertiser

"Artist Developement Evaluation"

1. Which of the songs you listened to did you like the most? Why?

Of the songs I listened to, I really liked "Big Time". I liked that it began mellow, sort of like a Doors song. The vocals in the verses are smooth and mysterious, and then the second half of the verse jumps up an octave for a more intense delivery. Very cool!!

I like the placement of the title in the chorus and how it's repeated. I also like the melodic and phrasing contrast of the chorus from the verse. For example, the lyrics are more plentiful and have smooth, long lines in the verses. The chorus has shorter phrases and the words are simpler. Great job!!

I also really like the message of the song, and think that it's really well delivered. The guitar solo is great, and I really like how at the end of the solo you break it down to the riff of the song before going into the last verse.

Overall, a strong song!! Great job!!
2. Which one of my songs has the most commercial appeal?

There are a few that have commercial appeal and really good choruses and good title placement. I like "I am Sorry", and "Big Time", but I think that I'd choose "It In the Air". The intro riff is really strong, and the tone of the electric guitar is really commercial sounding to me, as it's reminiscent of a sound that Lenny Kravitz would have.

I like how the chord progression is a blues progression, and really recognizable to the average joe's ear. I like the placement of the title, although my only other thought about the title is that it's not in the chorus where the hook is usually set up. However, I really like how you begin the song with it, and then end the song with repeating it over and over. And, in the blues progression, there is almost no distinct chorus section anyway!

Good job at creating melodic contrast in the song among the blues progression. Since this progression is so common, it's oftentimes difficult to come up with an original melody, but you guys did a great job!
3. How would you describe my sound and target audience?

I think that your sound has flavors of Lenny Kravitz, Black Crowes, The Doors, and even Greenday at times. Probably names you've heard yourselves comapared to before, but all good company, in my opinion! Good job at having lots of influences but also sounding like yourselves. This is really hard to accomplish!
- Kristi Cifelli

"Kauai rockers Rumbletone hit the mark"

Kauai rockers Rumbletone hit mark
By John Berger

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Jun 18, 2010



Rumbletone (U'ilani Studios)

Here's proof again that original rock is alive and well throughout the 50th State. Rumbletone - Dale Dombrow, Mark McKamey, Paul Ventura and T.J. Wead - represents Kauai in fine style with this 12-song calling card.

There's no telling from one year to the next if the members of the Hawai'i Academy of Recording Arts (HARA) are going to embarrass themselves or not when they choose the winner in the Rock Album category, but Rumbletone should be on the final ballot in 2011. Barring a new album by Henry Kapono or Jack Johnson, they could go all the way.

Ventura is their resident composer as well as the lead guitarist and producer. Nine songs are completely his work, two others are collaborations with Dombrow, and the other is a group effort. The results represent a broad spectrum of "classic rock" ranging from mid-'60s English rock and psychedelia to alt-rock and grunge - from a touch of Cream to a hint of Nirvana, but without directly borrowing those groups' riffs or melodies.

"Imagine That" stands out in delivering an ironic message of hope in encouraging the listener to image a better world. "Someday I'll Be Seeing You" closes the album with a plea for a second chance. It's a song that will resonate with anyone who is hoping that a break-up won't be permanent - and shows that Ventura has a romantic side as well.

- John Berger @ Star Advertiser


Rumbletone / Rumbletone (Debut CD)
In the Air
Show Me Who You Are
Stop and Stare
Big Time
All About You - Airplay
I'm Sorry - Airplay
It Will Never Be The Same
Imagine That - Airplay
I'll Be Waitine - Airplay
Really Hurting
Vacation - Airplay
Someday I'll Be Seeing You - Airplay



Rumbletone has been at the epicenter of rock on Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands for 12 years. Like an erupting volcano, the Kauai based band has left an indelible if not legendary impression on all who have witnessed a live show.

A Honolulu Advertiser music critic wrote "Rumbletone could evolve into a cornerstone of Island rock. Another critic for Honolulu Star Advertiser wrote "when the Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts choose the winner in the Rock Album category, Rumbletone should be on the final ballot." The same review described the music "from a touch of Cream to a hint of Nirvana without directly borrowing the groups riffs or melodies." Another review wrote "the sound has flavors of Lenny Kravitz, Black Crowes, The Doors, and Green Day." It has best been described by a local music critic who said "the band (Rumbletone) succinctly capsulizes a pliable spectrum."

The band's 2010 debut CD release continues to receive airplay on KONG 93.5 FM and KKCR 91.9 FM. The band's song's have been selected for airplay on Indie104- IRADIO LA, USA4real/Upstream Radio, RadioRockCafe and SKOPE Radio. SKOPE Magazine recently selected Rumbletone as an "Artists to Watch" in July 2010 issue.

The band recently rocked the crowd, the house, and the judges and took home the honors, bragging rights and the purse at the 1st Annual Trees Lounge Kauai Battle of Bands, Sept.17th. The band also performed at the 10th Annual Homegrown Music Festival Oct. 9th and awoke the crowd and raised eyebrows among some 30 plus live acts participating in the 2 day event.
Rumbletone is nominated for Rock Album of the Year 2011 HARA Awards in Honolulu May 29, 2011.

The members of Rumbletone include a Kauai native, transplants from the Big Island, Humboldt County, and Southern California music scene. With the band's home base on the rural Garden Island, it's lush surroundings are a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu. The band continues to carve it's path from the local venues on island to Honolulu's city night life, and are highly sought after to perform at some of Hawaii's highest profile benefit events and weddings.

4th of July Hospice Benefit Concert (Vidihna Stadium 2007)
Zonta Club of Kauai Fundraiser ( Princeville Hotel 2007)
Hanalei School Benefit (Princeville Hotel 2007)
Klinger/Kelley Wedding (Diamond Head Estate 2009)
Hawaii Children's Cancer Society Benefit (Nov.19,2010)
@ the Royal Hawaiian Hotel's Monarch room

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