Rumdummies are four musicians who have worked with other acts such as Commander Cody, Savoy Brown, Aimee Mann, and Richie Havens. Their sound, dubbed "swamp-jangle", is a captivating combination of pop and roots songwriting with the blues and world rhythms.


Rumdummies describe their own music as "Swamp-jangle"; seamlessly combining pop and roots songwriting with the blues and world rhythms. The four members’ careers span the globe and four decades of making music. From the late sixties urban blues scene of Providence, Rhode Island, to the outback of West Australia; to Hot Springs, Arkansas and New York City, Rumdummies have combined their histories and experience to continue making great music.
Pat Conover (lead vocals, harmonica) moved from Southern California at the age of 13 to Arkansas, where he took up the music business in earnest. He has played throughout the South, headlining and opening for other musical incorrigibles like ZZ Top, The Night Hawks, Roy Buchanon, Bloodrock, and others. Since moving to Upstate New York he has sung in several regional bands: The Night Kings, Imaginary Friend and the Boneshakers.
Todd Nelson (guitar, vocals) began playing in bands at age 10. Thanks to a church basement coffeehouse, he was influenced by players in the Providence, Rhode Island blues scene who would eventually become Roomful of Blues (Duke Robillard) and The Fabulous Thunderbirds (Preston Hubbard, Fran Cristina). While doing studio work in the Woodstock, New York area,Todd performed on Aimee Mann’s “Whatever” release and Raisinhead's "Back to the Tracks". He recorded demos with songwriters Jules Sheer and Marshall Crenshaw as well as drummer Gary Burke (Bob Dylan, Joe Jackson). He also backed up singer-songwriter Pal Shazar, and was a member of Tornado Bait (featuring production by Terry Adams of NRBQ), as well as Boston's Wheelers and Dealers. As a founding member of Fear of Strangers, formerly The Units, he helped put Albany's early 80's New Wave music scene on the national map.
Steven Clyde (bass, keyboards, vocals) hooked up with Richie Havens and Buzzy Linhart in New York City. Upstate, Steven Clyde (a.k.a. “Clyde Davies”) swung with the Rockin’ Dakotas, Tex Rubinowitz and the Bad Boys, and later, ventured out with his own band. He has since toured with Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, The Neanderthals (featuring Eddie Angel of Los Straightjackets), the Lustre Kings, (in which he is also a featured songwriter), Blotto, and Johnny Rabb and the Jailhouse Rockers.
Al Kash (drums) began his professional career in Perth, West Australia. His first recording was with Blackfeather. Their LP of 1971, "At the Mountains of Madness", is still bought and sold on eBay. Al sailed back to the USA in 1976 where he played drums in Florida for Tiger Tiger, a Miccosukee Indian band. He overshot New York City and continued north to form Fear of Strangers. Al finally made it to NYC in 1982 when he joined Fly to France, which later morphed into Canada's Blue Rodeo. Since then Al has toured with his Australian friend, slide guitarist Dave Hole, and with 60's blues rockers Savoy Brown; he has recorded with Billy C. Farlow ( formerly with Commander Cody), The Lustre Kings, and many more artists in Australia and the US.


My Biscuit’s Got A Hole

Written By: Music and words by Pat Conover and Todd Nelson Copyright 2004

Got a call from an old friend cross from NYC
That I promised to go visit before
So I drove ‘cross to Knoxville and I hung a left
Followed 95 a good while more
Oh twenty-four hours straight ‘til I hit the Hudson
Turned right down that Jersey shore
Pulled in to his drive that morning late
You know I hadn’t had a bite to eat
He said man you must be terribly hungry
Drove to a store right up the street
He came out with these things they were hard as a rock
And I tried my best to be discreet but I had to say

My biscuit’s got a hole in it (call)
Biscuit’s got a hole in it (response)
(repeat 3x)
Oh my biscuit’s got a hole and I don’t know what to do

Well it cut like granite and it chewed like slate
With some squishy kinda cheese in between
Well he called it a bagel but it didn’t look nothin’
Like any hound dog that I’d ever seen
I held it up to the sky you could look right through
Some kind of petrified donut don’t it seem
Well I tried my best to be polite
Cause I was visiting from way south of town
But this was one local custom
That I knew I couldn’t choke down
I threw it out in the street and it skipped like a stone
And I exclaimed as I watched that thing bound


Can’t Let It Slide

Written By: Music and words by Todd Nelson Copyright 1986

Here at home it’s after five
It won’t be long until you arrive
I watch TV or play guitar
It’s you who’s on my mind

If there’s only one thing I do
I got to hold on to you
If there’s only one thing I do
I got to hold on to you
So I can’t let it slide

Every time you come to me
I know that this is how it ought to be
And when it’s time for the world outside
It’s hard to watch you go


Here I sit and watch the clock
It won’t be long before I hear you knock
And through the door on the other side
The stars in your green eyes


Boil That Turpentine

Written By: Todd Nelson

Cold and hungry
Had to leave my family
Seasick but still alive
Hit the ground at New Orleans
I got me a job just a little up north
Deep in the woods and pines
In a Mississippi Delta camp
Where they boil that turpentine

Oh I can’t walk away
But I plan to someday
To that girl who had to stay
Don’t you worry ‘bout me girl
‘cause I’ll be fine
‘gonna boil that turpentine

Boil it (3 times)
Boil that turpentine

Slaved all day today
And then I went to bed
Still it’s the only way
I’ll ever get ahead
‘cause the life down here
Ain’t too cultured or refined
In a Mississippi Delta camp
Where we boil that turpentine


"Too Dum To Quit", 11 song CD
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Set List

Our set list varies according to the gig. A showcase gig would likely be 90 to 100 % original material. Longer gigs include more cover songs which have passed through our patented Rumdummies Filter.

Original songs

Boil that Turpentine
Can’t let it Slide
Darlin Honey Bee
Go to the Well
Household Words
I Don’t Want to Die Like Elvis
Laugh Instead of Cry
Mapping the Over Yonder
My Biscuit’s Got a Hole
New York Subway Blues
None of the Above
One More Fool
Savannah Sky

A sampling of cover songs

Big in Japan – Tom Waits
Come Back Baby – Ray Charles
Compared to What – Les McCann
Exodus – Bob Marley
Get Rhythm - NRBQ
I Got a Line on You - Spirit
Johnny B Goode – Peter Tosh
Just a Little Bit – Bobby King and Terry Evans
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan
Lift Up Every Stone – John Hiatt
Live With Me – Rolling Stones
Oh Well – Fleetwood Mac (with Peter Green)
Please Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’ – Allman Brothers
Real Mutha