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I am a budding artist with the ability to capture the crowd with lyrical & relatable presence. An artist of humble beginnings that takes the little opportunities & makes the most of them. I will leave the crowd wowed by my performance having them wanting more to leave with.


As a new generation of MC's are ushering in a new wave of artist to the Hip Hop music culture, RuMeal is sure to be one that will leave fans pleased. Having a catalog of songs that will satisfy not only the underground crowd but also the mainstream consumers. He shows he has the qualities it takes to become the next big success of the Hip Hop world & as his career progresses he's proving he has what it takes.

Born Kendall Peak the artist has been rapping since the age of 9 writing his own songs & producing since his teenage years. With his witty lines & clever story telling ability he is for sure to be an artist on your radar as one of hip hop's rising stars.

Growing up in the city of Columbus, Ohio he spent the first ten years of his life in the inner city limits before his parents decided to move into a small suburb on the outer limits for better living & educational purposes. Still staying connected to his roots he grew up just like any other inner city youth which he portrays in his music showcasing his ability to speak on good & bad experiences of life.

"Coming from a city where the main source of entertainment is a college football team you would think there's not much that goes on" says RuMeal "yea, we're a town notoriously known for the Ohio State University buckeyes but i want my music to show we're more than that." In fall 2011 he released his first mixtape 'No Guarantees' which reflects on life in the city of Columbus & other relatable topics. Over the past years he has released a flurry of remixes covering some big name artist productions proving himself to be a versatile artist. From rapping over Erykah Badu 'Bag Lady' to Kanye West 'Devil In A New Dress', time & time he has proven he has what it takes to compete with the elite artist of this generation.

His style of music would be considered as eclectic. "Growing up my father would play music from all genres from r&b, jazz, rock, country, pop, reggae & even Hip Hop. If you name it, most likely he listened to it which rubbed off on me & is part of the reason I'm not biased in my musical taste." He goes on to describe his influences "Of course Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Aaliyah, Nas & Outkast because these were the artists my older brother & cousins would listen to. Since they were the people i would be around majority of my life these artist happen to play a major role in the music i create." He continues to say "These are also artist I feel have made timeless music that many can relate to. I try to create music with the same intentions of relating to my supporters as they did."

In his single '15 Minutes' he hopes to spread the message that he does not intend to be a one hit wonder or to reach short term success. He wants to show that he plans to build a career leaving behind a legacy of one of the next biggest stars to emerge onto the music scene. With incredible metaphors and clever lyrics as well as getting his message across to the listener this song is sure to be one of many more to come proving he has what it takes to reach iconic status of a musical sensation.


Single - Mission Iconic (Prod. by Johnny Juliano)
Single - Take A Flight (Prod. by Jay K and Dj Tank)
Digital Mixtape - No Guarantees
Single - 15 Minutes (Prod. by RuMeal Co-Prod. by Gino Bambino)