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Somewhere in Midtown

Written By: Rosemary Cotton

Let the water wash away my tears.
In the dawning of a cold summers day.
Will tomorrow bring on all my fears.
Will i fight or turn the other way.
In a tight box I'm scratching at the corners.
Oh it's sad but I dont know another way.
I'm a lying listening to the talkers.
In my mind ive got so much to say.

Chorus 1
For the people, for the the lovers. For my heartache, for my mother.
In the darkness, in the terror.
In the clear words, in my letters.
I dont know why, why I'm crying.
And my soul feels, like it's dying.
I'm alone now,in my sorrow.
Happiness is, simply Borrowed.

All the walls are closing in on me.
Falling down to trap me in the night time.
In the water I'm floating out to sea.
Deep in a world of red riddles and rhyme.
All the stories are playing out in my mind.
In the real world its never been that easy.
Peaceful moments are very hard to find.
In my mind I am so very needy.

Chorus 2
I'm a loner, I'm a ghost child.
I'm a dreamer, I'm hard to find.
You're the watcher, your my judgement.
You're the taker, you're the promise.
I can't take it, take the darkness.
Where i write out, my own heart list.
It's a chasm, in the moonlight.
It's not easy to stay and fight.

Lifes not so easy. Love aint no lie.
And truth is a burden.
Held up by the skies.
Wrong is not black.
White is not right.
Forgiveness aint easy.
To hate is to die.
Im not an angel.
But i dont know hell.
I'm somewhere in midtown.
Ringing the bell.
Lifes full of trials.
Loves full of truthes.
Confusion not knowing.
Is what I'm going through.

Chorus 1
Chorus 2

A Tear Fell From The Sky

Written By: Madeleine Cotton

I am alone, alone indeed.
For there is no one here.
No one i see to right my wrongs or clean my wounds that bleed.
For they bleed so heavy, so heavy mama why.
I do not know my child she says, she says now with a sigh.
My cuts so deep, they bleed so much.
Oh stop them please i beg.
I plead to you to hold my hand and see me to the end.

Chorus 1
I walk in and out of crowded places, to see your face again.
It's never there but I don't care cos I'd just do it all again.
For one more glimpse I'll never catch of your smiling face.
In all these people surrounding me,
of you there is no trace.

I am alone, alone indeed.
For this I'll never know why.
The day you left and went away, a tear fell from the sky.
It splashed my cheek and I looked up, my face full of surprise.
It can't be me, oh no not me.
As my hand covered my eyes.

Chorus 1

I am alone, alone I am.
It's all that I breathe.
It's my air , my oxygen.
And I can never leave.
I say a prayer when the moon dont shine and the stars are not in sight.
Cos I've wished upon them so many times and none of my wrongs are right.
For there are many people around us everyday, doesn't mean we're not alone in every single way.

Chorus 2
I walk in and out of crowded places, just hoping for one chance.
To say it all, or maybe nothing.
Just praying for that chance.
To touch a hand to feel the life.
To catch it if I can.
Before it slips away again to where it all began.
To ask you to catch me, forever must I fall.
But your just not there, your never there.
But always will I call.

My cuts so deep, they bleed so much.
Oh stop them please I beg.
I plead to you to hold my hand and see me to the end.

The Hatred Within

Written By: Rosemary Cotton

We still live by the lines not forgotten in time.
Words passed through the years falling on open ears.
Is this life just a joke hating's easy I'm told.
A life is less lived with the hatred within.
It's subtle and deep and seething beneath.
The building of walls between colour and creed.
Hate just breeds hate and the young carry on.
The schoolyard's a place it's right to be wrong.

Tell me dear friend, is it raining?
Tell me old friend, what they're saying.
Tell me dear friend, how they live.
Tell me old friend that you don't have that hatred within.

They said work makes you free you'll dance and you'll bleed.
You'll live and you'll die in the storm's burning eye.
In the innocent smoke we'll tremble and choke.
And it should've died then the hatred within.
The land it is black a curse has been cast.
Your sons and your daughters you teach them the past.
For knowledge is power as lies hold the gun.
And shoot it to heaven and hell and beyond.


We always want power, perfection and wealth.
But this game aint so lucky and winning is hell.
We're searching for honour in black desert sand.
For weapons of glory to hold in our hands.
But I don't see you preaching for love and for peace.
A world without walls has more honour to me.
Hate seeps down deep as we die for the truth.
But I wouldn't die on the sand in the forest for you.


Life Cry

Written By: Madeleine Cotton

Chop the trees, dirty our seas.
Throw another butt on the ground, Sir please.
Slaughter those whales, tell your tales.
Breathe in the stench and exhale.
Tell those lies, my oh my.
Wipe the blood off your hands and cast down your eyes.
What have we done, you call this fun.
Society's broken down so lets run.

See there's just some things we can't get back.
When they're taken, broken, lost and why's that.
See there's just some things we can't get back.
We've only got one world.
Let's make a change, let's act.

Chorus 1
We're a human race, in disgrace.
As sad as it is, it's time to face.
The pain and destruction and all we've done.
To kill all this beauty out in one.

Ditch that oil, more turmoil.
That's great, one more good thing to spoil.
Strike a pose, wear that fur.
Don't worry where it came from, what it was before.
Leave your bottles at their site.
Is that paying your respect throwing up all night.
Drop your syringes on the ground.
Don't worry bout the kid whose life is torn down.

Chorus 2
We're a human race, all over the place.
As sad as it is, we've really gotta face.
That we don't even know who we are anymore.
Souls are lost, will they wash ashore.

Down we go?
No, no, no!
It's not over yet, there's still seeds to sow.
Down we go?
No, no, no!
There's one more act left in the show.

Ignore their cries, time to fly.
Go to a meeting, make the big bucks then die.

Chorus 1