Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It


We are the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Clash, and Hank Williams rolled into one.


Bob Moran and Jeff Staron formed Rumor Has It during high school with pal Kevin Torigoe. Three voices. Three guitars. After rehearsing at least twice, they decided it was time to find a bassist. After auditioning thousands and thousands of bassists, they landed on the rockin' Clarissa Kornell. After finding much success playing such Cleveland venues as the esteemed Bobby's Basement, the band bore an unfortunate toll - they all went to separate colleges and could no longer perform together.

Fast forward 14 years, and Jeff and Bob both happen to find themselves living in California. After some years of other bands and solo work, they've decided it's time to bring Rumor to the West Coast. With their debut song, a cover of Counting Crows' "Holiday In Spain", it looks as if Rumor is here to stay!