Rumpistol Floating Away

Rumpistol Floating Away


Rumpistol makes fractured soul electronic music that pivots upon shifting slats of abstract beats that has echoes of Brainfeeder’s beat music or Warp’s 90s output, live vocals by Red Baron and mind blowing AV show by Futura Epsis.


”Rum” is the Danish word for space or room.

Since 2003 Jens B. Christiansen has been producing challenging yet melodic electronicmusic under the moniker Rumpistol, so far resulting in 4 albums, 2 EPs plus lots of remixes of acts like Efterklang, System, Analogik & Blue Foundation.Rumpistol has performed his detailed signature sound at festivals and venues all across Europe, North America, Mexico, China and Russia.He has created game and tv scores, live soundtracks and appeared in various improvised setups and constellations with artists such as Red Baron, F.S. Blumm & Kohei Matsunaga.

In 2010 he was nominated for the Qwartz Electronic Music Award in the Discovery category for his album “Dynamo” and in 2012 he released the album “Floating” – a widely acclaimed collaboration with the vocalist Red Baron that further explored the post dub-step vocal territories opened up on 2011’s Talk To You EP.

With tighter song structures, intimate lyrics and the Baron’s ecstatic vocal projections, the two create a parallel world in which the domestic breakdowns of wintry Copenhagen are filtered through surreal sun-bleached Californian dreams, resulting in a robotic and hypnagogic hybrid of soul.

Red Baron

As a Danish expatriate in the LA scene, Red Baron has slowly undermined the underground with his addictive moves and subliminal expressions. He has appeared among the likes of Deerhoof, Don Bolles (The Germs) and Sonns, the latter debuting on Stones Throw in July, 2012. The Baron also sings in The Late Great Fitzcarraldos, which in 2011 was nominated for the Nordic Music Prize for their debut album. He is featured on the upcoming album from the pioneering Danish electro-duo Laid Back.

“Rumpistol may not be a name that you’re familiar with, but you really ought to be. He is Danish electronic musician Jens B. Christiansen, and makes fractured soul music that pivots upon shifting slats of abstract beats that has echoes of Brainfeeder’s beat music or James Blake if he fetishised Warp’s 90s output instead of contemporary bass music.” - Alpha-Ville UK

Brilliant soundscape!” - Laurent Garnier – PBB Radio/Various (F)

“This is what Massive Attack should be doing… Big support.” – Ashley Beedle (UK)


"Floating" (4th album) - Project Mooncircle

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