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"The Graveyard Song by Rums & Bumbletons"

Review from That British Place

Rums & Bumbletons left me with a problem. To review one track of this truly diverse group
was a task in itself, we listened to all four tracks, a few times, and finally settled on
"The Graveyard Song". If this track is the sound of the East Coast, then I either want to
go and lap as much of it up as I can, or run and hide in a safe place, I can't decide which!
With a beginning as sinister as a Stephen King novel, this song makes you feel uneasy,
in a way that you soon start to like. The weaving bass lines and intricate yet flowing rhythms
from the drums enhance the over all feel of a song that wants you to feel uncomfortable!
The vocals are exceptional with only a few wavers which only add to the twisted feel that
this song puts forth. Liked the slightly discordant vocal melodies which worked perfectly.
Completed with some deliciously spooky guitar chords, this song is perfect for a late night
when you want to creep yourself out! Love the trippy feel.

8½ / 10. - That British Place



"A refreshing new band that blends vasious styles of music,
which is sure to make an impact in the near future." the Beav, Music connoisseur

"If the world were going to end, I'd want their music to serenade me!" Grimm, freelance writer/musician

"The live (Rums) experience takes you through unexpected twists and turns,
while at the same time, the undertow of the music holds you in it's hynotic grip!" Christopher Wall, Attorney at Law

"Check out the cathartic and reflective music of Rums & Bumbletons!" Megan Power, freelance writer

"They have so much energy! Rums & Bumbletons is awesome!" Sibil, band

"The new Rums & Bums lineup is KILLER!" Tom Nanos, club owner and music connoissuer

"One of the best indie band performances I've seen...truly powerful, the way music should be!" Kevin Lamkins, dj WWUH

"Awesome show!! They can come back any time!!" Ken Safety, owner Sonic Arts Studios/ host KSOMS

"They Rock. Need I say more?" John Murphy, recording engineer/producer - witnesses of the band


Rumination (demos) EP, individual tracks have been played on WCCC 106.9 Hartford, CT.



Rums & Bumbletons is as unique as a band as their name implies. Of course, everyone wants to know where the name came from and what the meaning is behind it. Rums & Bumbletons was born in a drunken state of bliss. Hours after the sun arose, Dick Syn (guitar & vocals) woke to find a piece of paper next to his bed with the name Rums & Bumbletons scribbled on it and decided to go with it. It came to him in a dream and he woke up in the dead of night to sign it blindly in the darkness. A pattern that seems to keep rearing it's head along the path of Rums & Bumbletons.

The band, made of up Dick Syn, Kram Ellavalled (bass), Delphi Finn (drums) and Stone Catcherye (vocals) began in June of 2007, although different line-ups had existed before, this particular line-up seemed to draw upon each other's creative juices. In the first 5 months together, they put together a set and booked their first show, as a contestant in a Battle of the Bands to be held at The Webster Theatre in Hartford, CT. The order of appearance was based on ticket sales, and since Rums had sold the most tickets, they became the evening's headliner. Rums & Bumbletons won the battle and made friends with the club's booking agent, Ben Wu, who offered them a chance to open up for one of their influences, Blind Melon.

They would open for Blind Melon at The Webster Theatre, in Hartford, CT on February 29, 2008 (Leap Day). Before that the band headlined an original band showcase at the infamous Toad's Place in New Haven and was chosen as WCCC's (106.9 the Rock) HomeGrown Featured Artist and was interviewed on air, and had three tracks put into rotation. The songs were from their newly self-produced demo, Rumination. A five song demo recorded with one microphone and an 8-track recorder. The band also secured airplay via AmpRadio and had songs from Rumination put into rotation on a streaming station at Stores & Gas Stations throughout CT.

It was then, that Rums were to get in touch with Ben Wu to secure their spot to open for Blind Melon, however tragedy struck and Ben Wu went missing while on vacation and was never found. When the band finally got in touch with the club, the club had no idea of the arrangement set up with Ben Wu and were reluctant to give Rums & Bumbletons a spot in the show. Management at the club wanted high ticket sales in exchange for a spot in the show, Rums agreed and was the 2nd highest seller of tickets for the evening. Stone had met the guys from Blind Melon during load in and during Rums & Bumbletons set, the guys in Blind Melon came out to check out their set and left with a Rumination cd.

The next 5 months, the band was a featured artist at Ken Safety's Open Mic Show twice, an open mic in Cheshire, CT which generally gets great write ups and has an amazing built in crowd. Rums also were invited by a promoter to play a show at The B&G Lounge in South Windsor, CT. Once again, Rums secured the headlining spot with ticket sales and totally wowed the full capacity crowd with their high energy set. The bar ran out of glasses due to the volume of people in the club. The next live appearance was in Northampton, MA at a club called the Elevens. The same promoter booked that show as well and once again, Rums was one of the best ticket sellers of the evening and once again they amazed the audience with their sound.

Seven shows and still they had yet to play in their hometown, which is the area of their biggest draw. On the even of Thanksgiving, they were asked to play a new club called Snapper Magees in Torrington, CT, acquired the headlining spot and packed the club. It was at this show that they sold out of both their t-shirts and their Rumination demos. The club's owner said that this was the busiest he's seen the place since it opened.

The band then decided to take some time to work on some new material and to record with anticipation on releasing a CD sometime in 2009. One of the days in the studio, Rums learned of the untimely death of their former bass player and good friend and fan of the band, Josh French. Dick & Stone took some time off from the recording and ended up writing a song in memory of Josh and hope to put it on the upcoming CD.

2009 began with Snapper Magees calling Rums & Bumbletons to play in February in Torrington, CT. Rums was also chosen to have one of their songs, Wrong Enough, added to a compilation that will be sold along with a book entitled, “Alice In Chains - In The Studio”, a book about the band's recording history, which will be released in the Summer of 2009 and will include interviews with the band and it's producers. The compilation will include all original music by bands who were influenced by Alice In Chains at some point in their career.

Delphi, Dick, Stone & Kram played Snapper Magees on February 21, 2009 and brought in more people than even the first appearance there and once again found themselves with an audience that made the bar run out of glasses. New t-shirts they