We are dedicated, hard working, and very pissed off!


Based out of Oshawa Ontario, Canada

Quartet influenced by Metal/Hard Rock/Punk/Industrial etc....

First album “Violent Mood Swings” released in 2000

1st music video (This Fix {Runaway}) released and nationally televised in 2000, 01, 02.

Countless visceral live shows played in between.

Sophomore album “Terrible Times” recorded At Chalet Studios 2002/2003

2nd music video (Blister) released and internationally televised 2004
support from MuchMusic (Canada)

3rd music video (Mass Heart Attack)
released and internationally televised 2005

Showcased at NXNE music festival June 2005

Began recording third album in Oct.2006
which will be complete in 2007

Live show is always a priority

"blood will be spilled, dreams will be shattered and what will it all have been for if not for the music?"

Here to Destroy!


Violent Mood Swings : released in 2000
debut video for single "this fix" was featured on
MuchMusic, YTV, Edge TV (2001)

Terrible Times: released in 2004
video for single "blister" was featured on MuchMusic, HeadBangers Ball & MTV2.
"blister" received air play on many college and commercial radio stations

C and P Mad Bollocks Publishing 2007

Third album coming in 2007

Set List

Cellar Door
Among Others
Die Again
The End of All Sadness
our sets are usually 30-40 mins.
check out our live performances on YouTube!