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"Press play and record"

This record, I have to say, was the final straw for me. It made me change my decision to stop writing and publishing reviews, because this record is simply one of the most amazing records I've heard this year, and it's one of the best records of the shoegazing movement since...1991. Is that music writer hyperbole? Am I just being dramatic? HELL NO. The duo of Rumskib consists of Keith Canisius and Tine Louise Kortermand, along with one of Jonas Munk, the mastermind behind the wonderful electronica project Manual.

Here's a rundown of what these three have done. They've simply taken everything that was good about the whole shoegazing/blisspop/dreampop/4AD movement, condensed it and interpreted in their own special way, and have produced a record that rivals the best of the records it inspired. Let's put it another way: when I received this record, I decided to listen to it on my nightly stroll down the road. I put it on my discman, turned it up, and had a MASSIVE sense of déjà vu, because I can still recall the first time nearly two decades ago, when I walked down this same long, dusty road all the while having my mind blown by the brilliant, new sounds of records like Victorialand, Loveless, Gala, Strange Free World and 'I'. Rumskib belongs in that pantheon, my friends; it's that powerful and that good.

But about that walk. I didn't know what to expect, but the first quiet seconds of "Hearts of Fire" made me think something good was about to happen. And then it did, and oh GOD, did it! At the thirty-two second mark, the sound EXPLODES into a multicolored Technicolor kaleidoscope of sound, with loud guitars, hauntingly beautiful vocals, and some of the dreamiest bliss-pop I've heard in ages. I mean, I still think A Sunny Day in Glasgow is making amazing music, but let me tell you, I quickly forgot about their wonderful revivalist record, because, hell, Rumskib is effin' REAL, man.

As I walked, I was blown away by the wonderful sounds held within this mysteriously wonderful album. "Sneak" made me walk faster, with its fast-paced rock beat; "Crucial Love Games" made me wish I were in love, so that I could include it on a mix tape; "Girl Afraid" made me both think of The Smiths and of Miki Beryeni, "Think Eyes Away" made me want to find a computer and see if Rumskib had more records, and the concluding song "Love At First Sight" sums up my feelings for Rumskib--I fell in love with this record from the very first note, and now, after having listened to it about 40 times, I'm still in love with it.

I have to say this, too. Yes, Rumskib sounds familiar, but who cares? The best song on here is called "Dreampoppers Tribute," so you should know that they know what they're doing is, in part, an homage to greatness. But then again, we're talking about living in the now, and what they do sounds wonderfully fresh and inspiring. Kortermand sounds exactly like Liz Fraser, which makes Rumskib even more wonderful. That Rumskib shares a label with Robin Guthrie seemingly makes the world seem right, too. I'm just glad there's a band that knows how to make beautiful music with unintelligible words and heavy-handed whammy-bar guitar.

Rumskib, quite honestly, made me fall back in love with music. It made me remember why I started writing about music, and it made me really, truly excited about music once again. Other records have seemingly been that way, but there's no comparison between those records and this one. Early contender for album of the year? Damn straight.

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Labels: bo07, Darla Records, Rumskib, Shoegazing's Not Dead It Just Went Back To Europe - Press play and record

"It's a trap"

9 out of 10

The Cocteau Twins are back! And now they're called... Rumskib! I don't mean for that to sound condescending; actually this luminous Danish duo recreates the sound of the ultimate shoegazer band better than anyone I've heard (even more than the previous nominee, Autumn's Grey Solace). There's no denying that multi-talented guitarist/songwriter Keith Canisius has Robin Guthrie's churning, atmospheric guitar sound down pat, and vocalist Tine Louise Kortermand has a sweet, pure tone that evokes Elizabeth Fraser without being an obvious imitation. "Where are the flowers" and "Crucial love games" are just two of the stunningly beautiful songs here, showcasing everything good about the dreampop genre in concise sonic settings. There's a couple of alluring instrumentals, too - the best of which is the bracingly moody "Ferris wheel blackout". This record is consistent and well-produced (Canisius and programmer/synthmeister Jonas Munk shared the honors in that department), and the spirit of the genre positively gleams throughout. So weep no more for the premature cessation of Cocteaus-style transcendence... this is easily the next best thing.
- Kevin Renick

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Thursday, May 17th, 2007 | - It's a trap

"Chain D.L.K"

4.5 out of 5

Rumskib is a Danish duo composed by multi-instrumentalist Keith Canisius Baerken and vocalist Tine Louise Kortermand with contributions from Jonas Munk (Manual/Limp) at synths and digital programming. They offer up an exciting slab of shoegazer mayhem with many glorious moments. Besides the stellar quality of the songs and Louise's vocal performance, the most astonishing thing about Rumskib's debut is the confidence with which the band deals with structured and multi-layered sonic sculptures. "Springtime" is an instant nu-gaze/dream-pop classic with cyclic rhythms and vocal patterns mirroring one another reaching the trancelike sonic bliss of
"Doppelganger"-era Curve, with unexpected continuities that leave you with your mouth wide open in absolute awe. "Where Are The Flowers" trips out to more introspective realms and it's an intense and heartfelt tribute to Cocteau Twins' lesson. "Girl Afraid" and "Love at First Sight" are quieter and sweet love-struck compositions. So far, the best debut album of the year, bar none. - Chain D.L.K

"Roskilde Festival"


Many people associate spherical dream pop with British bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins and Flying Saucer Attack. But Denmark has a name in the genre, that can compete with the British major players.

Keith Canisius’ trickling guitars and synthscapes shroud Tine Louise Kortermand's vocals in a violet slipstream of flickering twilight atmospheres.

The great impressionist painters would tear their hair of envy if they could hear Rumskib.

Released on:

Darla - Roskilde Festival


Finderpop compilation - 2006
Debut - Rumskib s/t (Darla & Quince records) 2007
Invada records Compilation 2008
Club ac30 Compilation 2008 (not out yet)
Rubber records Compilation (not out yet)



Keith Canisius (Instrumentalist, singer & producer)
Recruited Tine Louise (Singer & Visual artist) in 2002
Searching for a female singer that had a love for creating, dreamy shoegaze pop.
The dou worked on a hobby level the first couple of years, but after putting demo’s out on the Internet
They got great feedback and where soon after
Well know in the danish underground.
The dou took small steps up the latter
and were soon offered record deals from Japan (Quince Records) & Darla Records (US)
In 2007, same year of their highly praised debut simply called Rumskib (Darla & Quince Records)
they formed a band, which reached it’s satisfaction
In 2008 with the right setup, being Boe Katharina (Bass)
Martin Engel (Drums) Rune Risager (Guitar)

The band played with Ulrich Schnauss
Last year
and can be seen at this years Roskilde Festival.