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The best kept secret in music


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Currently preparing to release our 1st CD:



Feeling a bit camera shy


Every member of RUN2GOD, has a heart on fire for
God... we don't waste time on "filler songs", not in
concert, and not in our recordings; every song has
a divine purpose/destiny - or we wouldn't bother to
do them.

All of the members of R2G, have been individually
involved in various aspects of Christian music minis-
try, before joining together for a season of intense
"spiritual warfare". We are well aware that satan
does not want anyone to experience coming into
God's holy presence... so we treat this as a holy
calling, a battle as real as any struggle that can be
waged in the earth; only ours is in the "spiritual"

*Michael D'Aigle: Is the bassist/co-lead singer and
songwriter for R2G. He has been involved in nearly
every phase of Christian ministry, from Talk-show
host, to Coffeehouse director... Michael was the
frontman/lead singer for the Christian Rock band/
LAZARUS, and more recently released a solo CD/
HE'S COMING BACK. Michael has just opened a new
Christian Recording Studio/DIVINE DESIGN RECORD-
ING, in Michigan; along with a Publishing Co. -
RUN2GODMUSIC/SESAC... At this time Michael is ac-
tively involved in marketing his songs within the
CCM industry worldwide.(

*Virginia Hobbs: Virginia has been singing gospel
music since the age of "three"... yes, you read that
right... just "3 yrs old! Her family sang in the Mich-
igan area on radio and Church events. Later she
worked with several secular bands, and went on
to win several competitive singing contests. She
has appeared with Billie Dean, Steve Holey, Tammy
Cochran, and Randy Travis. Virginia was involved in
a life changing car accident that has led her to com-
mit her singing and life to serving God; wherever
God opens doors.

*Bruce Stepanik: Born into a large farming family in
Iowa, Bruce(at age eight)and three of his brothers
taught themselves how to play the guitar and key-
boards... they went on to play in the school band,
and formed a Christian band that played at various
local events. Bruce minored in music at U of M-Flint.
After several years of performing secular music, he
went through a major trial(the breakup of his mar-
riage and family); but has since found a renewed
relationship with God... he now plays for Jesus with
joy and passion!

*Daryl Demerly: Daryl is the drummer/percussionist
for R2G, and has been actively involved in Christian
Music Ministry for many years, both within the local
Church as well as professionally in concert settings.
Before coming to R2G, Daryl was the drummer for
Lisa Ann & Common Ground/a Gospel Band that has
appeared regularly throughout the Michigan area.

*David Keeth: David is the rhythm/lead guitarist for
the band, and also does background vocals. David
has played with numerous Christian Bands over the
years, more recently with a contemporary group -
FisherKing, and previous to that/LAZARUS. David's
ability to do nearly every style/genre of music-adds
to the distinct and colorful blend of sounds that
one can hear in R2G songs...

*R2G clearly has an "international" flavor heard in
it's songs... borrowing from nearly everyone imagi-
nable- you can hear Pop, Spanish, even Country
and Jewish "sounds" within many of their songs.

You might say East meets West, is a good way to
describe some of the music R2G creates... Latin,
Rock, Folk, and European ideas all can be heard
within the songs we create. While our basic mix
is heavily influenced by American/Western music;
we go out of our way to "sprinkle in" many differ-
ent sounds from music throughout the world.

The biggest difference between us and almost
every other band out there is simple: Most of our
music/songs are "Vertical", that is - directly up to
God... our songs/music are mainly focused on Praise
& Worship to God... some of our songs are " Hori-
zontal", towards the audience. These songs are
either songs of "salvation, healing, or deliver-
ance", and possibly a song of "personal testimony".

While most bands prepare their music/set for an
"audience"; our main focus isn't on them/people;
but instead on Him- the Supreme Lord of All... the
audience is really attending/witnessing a "Live
Church Service"; where a few believers(R2G)ex-
presses their deepest love and devotion for God
in songs of Praise & Worship... You might say our
motto is: Have Church - will travel