Runaway Horse

Runaway Horse

 Austin, Texas, USA

Runaway Horse brings together an ethereal vibe with an earthy Americana Folk sound. Mariana's voice is reminiscent of Alison Krauss, with a poetic songwriting style like Leonard Cohen.


When singer/songwriter Mari Kurko discovered Emmylou Harris’ “Ballad of a Runaway Horse,” she was moved both by the poetry of the title and the lonesome, vulnerable spirit of the song. But it wasn’t until she learned that the song was a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Ballad of an Absent Mare” based on the 12th century Ten Ox-herding Pictures, a metaphor for the path of enlightenment, that she knew she had found the name for her band.

Runaway Horse wanders the more eclectic paths of the American folk landscape meandering into a sort of folky shoegazing (bootgazing?) and a slightly dreamy frontier landscape. Vocalist, guitarist and fellow songwriter Bob Musseman adds his own mellow, urban folk songs to the band when he’s not weaving his soft and sonorous vocals through Mari’s rich and lilting voice. The two singers are anchored by a talented group of Austin musicians, including Joe Manzello on electric guitar, Jack Daniels on drums, Alan Burrows on bass and Robin Smith on keyboards.


EP Beautiful Blue (2015)

EP The Well (2013)