Run Doris Run

Run Doris Run

 Long Beach, California, USA

Run Doris Run from Long Beach California. Recordings 2 EP's and 1 LP "Vultures" RDR has sold over 20,000 CDs over 2 national tours hitting Billboard Charts 8 Times.


Yes, Run Doris Run, verb noun verb, bark Susie bark, blah, blah, blah. We have fun with this just as much as you do, but we are Run Doris Run and have been for 5 years. Our music has grown just as we have. We lived 18 months with our EP "The Bigger Picture" and proved to get over 20,000 copies in your hands. We even made Billboard Charts 8 times. Have to say it was kind'a cool, but all this really means is we work hard. We worked just as hard on our new album "Vultures".


2005 Five More Songs And You Can Go Home EP Producer Loren Israel.
2006 The Bigger Picture EP Recorded at Zen Seven/ Ian Kirtpatrick and with Loren Israel.
RDR has had song placements , radio air play on both internet and local radio.
2008-2009 Vultures full length CD (muzak contract, placed with film and TV)

Set List

2008 8 from the new Vultures LP. 35-45 min set.