Running From Dharma

Running From Dharma


Harrisburg PA's soul powered indie rock spectacular. Putting the "fun" in dysfunctional since 97'. Travels frenquently, profits never, loving every minute of it.


It's strange when you realize that we have to resort to honesty as a form of escapism. Yet, that's what you get from Running From Dharma: a rebuttal to mass media, pop trends and essentially popular culture at large. In the midst of current trends, the music and expression of Running From Dharma serves as an avenue unattained by the commercialism that fills our culture and times. Since the first demo tape was circulated in 1997, nine years of trends and "next big things" have come and gone.

In all those years, Dharma has remained. There have always been shows, new releases and even a good amount of touring. But most importantly, there has always been a continuously expanding fan base to match a constantly evolving sound.

The early releases [Beginning (EP), whatmattersmore/passagetocleveland (7" vinyl single), RunningFromDharma/HopingfortheBetter (Split EP)] represent the band’s original sound, including material both inspired by, and often compared to, bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, HWM or Samiam. That Dharma was rough and aggressive, a unique arrangement (the old 2 bass players trick... hmmm) with some good songs and the feel of something different. It just scratched the surface of what would come next.

The stage was set in 2002 for the release of their first full length (read as “real CD”) If We Don't Speak Before the End of the World (released on PA based CI Records as well as Japan's Daymare Recordings). This record established Dharma’s presence as a cornerstone of the Central Pennsylvania original music scene. Extensive touring followed, including a trip in 2005 to Japan to support a split E.P. with indie legends Sense Field, also released on Daymare and CI Records. The tour served as a triumphant end to the first era of Dharma, but also as the beginning of a whole new chapter. A new record was on the horizon, but not before some well deserved time off (and a few changes in the line-up).

If you've seen Running From Dharma in recent months, you've definitely heard (and seen) something new. With the addition of keyboards and a violinist, the sound has made a sincere evolution into something fresh and new. Running From Dharma has matured much further than many of their contemporaries in the indie rock scene. With a spring release slated for a new 7 song EP, and another album’s worth of material currently in production, Running From Dharma have certainly poised themselves for great success in the decade to come.


New Untitled EP - Spring 2007 Release

"the mussings of sense field & runningfromdharma"
split cd ep (C.I. records USA/ Daymare JPN) 2005

"if we don't speak before the end of the world"
full length cd ( C.I. records USA/ Daymare JPN) 2002

"four quiet songs"
acoustic ep cd (self released) 2002

split cd ep (C.I. records USA) 2001

7" vinyl single (self released)

cd ep (self released)

Set List

Running From Dharma plays all original songs (aside from the occasional Smiths or Archers Of Loaf cover).
Set time can range from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

Songs include: "Drive Not Driving"
"Passage to Cleveland"
"Last Night On Earth"
"We Escape Tonight"
"Seconds and Locusts"
"Grey Matter"
"Hope is on the Way"