Running From Johnny

Running From Johnny


Three girls from Indianapolis spawned from the Riot Grrl movement promoting punk rock feminism. A bass, a drumset and a guitar compliment lyrics that scream to those wishing for rock, wishing for love, wishing for change.


Influenced by 2/4 and 4/4 time we have found our biggest idols to be: Joan Jett, Screaching Weasel, Bif Naked, The Killers, The Misfits, The Distillers, and any band that has something valuable to rock to. What sets us apart? Our desire to spread love through rock and roll, 3 girls making the best of a situation, division and conquest.


We're in the studio Friday April 13th to record and release our first major disc.

Set List

Our sets average 30-40 minutes. We do punk rock so we keep it short and sweet.
Our originals include:
Rock and Roll Masturbation
Attention Whores
Little Girl
The Hill
That Kind of Girl
Saturday Night