running with karma

running with karma

BandAlternativeNew Age

RWK = alternative / indie-rock


"Anthems For That Weakened Heart That’s About To Break"
Running With Karma is every Emotion that you wish to seek. Whatever feeling you need to reach, there will be a RWK song for you to help you get the pill that drifts you away, the gun that puts the pain in its place, or the love that your heart just cant bare...every thought, every word is in a song. These songs are yours for this emotional rollercoaster we call life. Now that the door is open, it's now up to you, to enter and expand your senses...everything that you felt before isn't as real as this...this is Running With Karma.

From out of the Boston/Springfield Mass area, RWK is signed with Frequency Deleted Records and will embark on a journey with you though 2006 and 2007... filled with new releases, film projects, and tours...are you ready for such a ride?

Biography of Richard R.W.K.

Position: lead vocalist, lyricist & composer

Instrumentation: guitar, piano and synthesizers

Influences: “Well, I listen to everything, probably so many groups and styles that the list is to long to write. But I’ll say this; whatever music I can relate to…is generally what I like. To add…if it can make me dance, it’s probably dam good!

I’ve been playing and writing music since I was 9yrs old, going from school to school, state to state…learning as I move. My parents got divorced around that time. Music and my brothers kept me from being lonely. If you listen to our songs you might know by now that the road and the relocations of residents...was heartbreaking enough. That’s why I write moody!

I don’t really know where home is…but music gives some kind of direction to follow!

…If you’re listening, “keep your ears to the ground”


Frequency Deleted Release date Feb/March 2006
1. Associates
2. I compare my self
3. Straight into you
4. Glare
5. A.d.w.o.y.
6. See me

If You Only Knew LP December 2004
1. Transcend
2. In the end
3. The fear of who you really are
4. Frozen
5. You wasted all
6. Jayme
7. Silvermist
8. Unsound
9. Frozen B-side
10. Countless Times
11. Versus
12. Best friend
13. Life
14. Wear you out

Bakers Pink EP July 2003
1. Versus
2. Apt. d2
3. The fear of who you really are
4. Isodesola
5. Unsound
6. Flawless

Irish radio station (unknown call letters)
WTCC - STCC college radio
WMUA - Amherst College radio
Lazer 99.3 Northampton

Current Single(s)
1. Associates (2006)
2. Silvermist (2004

Set List

1. Associates
2. I compare myself
3. Glare
4. Straight into you
5. Countless times
6. Where you out
7. A.d.w.o.y.
8. See me