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The best kept secret in music


"Running With Sally - The First Sally"

By: MuzikMan (Associate Writer)

Artist: Running With Sally
Title: The First Sally
Label: Hapi Skratch Music

First of all you must understand what a sally is. Taking a page out of the book of Don Quixote, the group decided to use one of his expressions "sallies", which means going on adventures. So essentially what the group is trying to convey to it's audience is that you should take your dreams and run with them, go on adventures of exploration and enjoy your life.

The music is a remarkable breed of rock and psychedelic, peppered with some jazz and funk just to make it interesting and different. All of you jam band fans will really dig the wah-wah peddle effects the group so ingeniously crafts in several songs. The lead guitar player Doug Miers is in total control throughout the entire session. His piercing lead runs find their way in and around each song. The result of such timely playing sets the table for the rest of the group, they in turn follow Meir's magnificent leadership and complete a sound and vision that's virtually alive and breathing.

The most important factor that drives and inspires the whole Running With Sally machine are the lyrics. The enduring quality of lyrics that are found in the song "Cadillac", for instance, are words and feelings pulled out of the writers heart that are put on the table for the whole world to see. Passages like this will set your mind reeling and wondering-

"Lay down your pieces and cry, Your freedom has slowly arrived, Silence will finally agree, that something is better for me."
This is music that will have tremendous effect and impact on you if you choose to listen and look at the whole picture that the group is endeavoring to present. So grab your horse Don Quixote, your adventure is about to begin. - Music Dish - Muzikman

"Cyber Scene Review"

Cyber Scene Review
Suzanne Lainson

Friday evening I found out from Phil Smith, with Replay Rich Media
(, that Running with Sally
( was playing at the Catacombs in
Boulder. He wanted me to check out the band since one of his
co-workers, Chris Sheldon, is the band's drummer. After first going
to Trios to catch two sets by the Billy Tolles band, I headed over to the

It was my first time to hear Running with Sally and my first time in
the Catacombs, so I don't know whether it was a typical crowd for
either. But it was the best looking crowd I have ever seen listening
to music. Boulder is a good looking town to begin with and this had
to be the creme de la creme. It was virtually impossible not to
strike up a conversation with someone you'd consider going home with.
It was like being in the middle of a J. Crew catalog. And it wasn't
exclusively a 21-25 crowd. I saw a surprising number of people 35+
(definitely not in the majority, but enough that if you've already
left your twenties, you'd still feel comfortable there). The place
had a bit of a frat party atmosphere: Lots of little rooms to hang
out in. Couches tucked into corners. There was a smoky bar (a rarity
in Boulder), a pool room, a music room (just big enough for the band
and a small dance floor), and miscellaneous other rooms. The
advantage of this arrangement is that you can periodically wander
from room to room for a change in atmosphere.

It was a very energy scene. A good time had by all. Typical of a
Boulder band, Running with Sally's music doesn't quite fit into any
one category. They deliver a lighter touch than a hardcore boogie
band and they aren't as random/spacey as an acid rock band. I'd call
them a jam band with very danceable rhythms. For the two hours I was
there, never once did I see a time when people weren't dancing, It
was great party music. I highly recommend catching them. - The Cyber Scene

"Just call them sally"

Zeb Carabello
Posted: 4/6/01
Much like Don Quixote, dedicated to the spirit of imagination and adventure while on his trips called 'Sallies,' the Boulder musical group Running With Sally also chooses to openly express their originality and unique spirit.
The only difference is they do it through music.

Running With Sally, who will be joined by James Thomas, the piano player from Western Project, will be playing at the Starlight tonight with Max Creek. The show starts at 9 p.m. and is open to all ages.

"We are very excited to be playing an all-ages show," said Trevor Clendenin, Running With Sally lead singer and acoustic guitarist. "We don't always get to play for all of the cats under 21. This gives an opportunity for all of our fans to come see a great live show."

Along with Clendenin, Doug Miers (lead guitar, slide guitar, vocals), Chris Sheldon (drums, percussion, vocals), Brad Wilbur (5-string fret-less bass), Oliver Ahern (electric piano, organ) and Shawn Hartman (percussion), combine to fuse powerful rock grooves with folk and funk. The resulting sound is Running With Sally.

During their two years together, Running With Sally has performed throughout Colorado. They have played such venues as Aggie Theatre, Fox Theatre, Gothic Theatre, Herman's Hideaway, Quixote's and Soiled Dove. They also performed at last year's Colorado Earth Day 2000 festival, along with several other summer music festivals in Colorado mountain towns.

"We are just an original rock band with original music," Clendenin said. "If you're into bands who are good instrumentalists, fun to dance to, have great percussion and rhythm and combine vocal harmony, you will enjoy our shows. We play mostly all original stuff at our shows ... It is a high-energy trip for the evening; we'll take you for a ride."

Running With Sally's debut CD, The First Sally, has garnered a Top 10 request on KPAW "The Bear," and the album has also received air-play on KBCO, KXPK "The Peak" and KGNU.

Inspired by the intimate atmospheres bands like the Grateful Dead, Phish and Wide-spread Panic create at their shows, Running With Sally will try to communicate with the Starlight crowd through their instrumental blends and vocal melodies, taking them on an adventure through music.
- Rocky Mountain Collegian


Running With Sally
"The First Sally"
HapiSkratch Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Pioneers of the terms, "jamband" and "groove," Running With Sally has been well-known in the Colorado region for nearly 10 years. Lead singer, Trevor Clendenin, and drummer, Chris 'Rock' Sheldon, founded the group with close friends in the city of Boulder after relocating from the Vail Valley in 1997. The band worked the local scene tirelessly over the next 4 years, playing almost every music-friendly bar and club along CO's front range and ski towns. The band released a studio album in 1999 ("The Frist Sally" Hapiskratch), but quickly realized that a significant commitment to the road was necessary before beginning another project. Brad Wilbur joined the band as its new bass player for this task, and soon founded "PHIX: Celebrating the Music of Phish," with Rock and "Ralph's Kind" guitarist, Paul Murin. RWS announced a hiatus in 2002, and Trevor went on the road with "String Cheese Incident's" Michael Travis to focus on his solo work, while "PHIX" began a 5 year journey playing for Phish fans all over North America. RWS returned from hiatus in 2005, adding Paul on lead guitar and Ted Tilton ("Purple Buddha") to the lineup on keys and organ. Since that time, the band has been working on new material to be officially released in live settings throughout the Colorado region the summer of 2007. The return of Running With Sally to Colorado's freak and jamband scene is a highly anticipated event not to be missed by those committed to music for the mind.