Punk Rock performance art, like GG Allin, if he was straight-edge and didn't throw his shit at people. Our latest album sounds like an untalented Steve Albini being date raped by Kool Keith. Definately entertaining and [mostly] crowd pleasing.


Yo whut up? Runny, DJ Phlegm und Lemon COokie, makes music that fucking rocks.

Runny got started in ’93 when this dude that Lemon lived with, who plays music with that Postal Cervix band now, with let me steal his guitar to leanr to play it. Three destroyed 4tracks later, a crap master(bation) piece was writteen. that shit was called ‘Our Pal Floyd’ and it was a real big hit. I can only remember about 2 songs from that, one being Our Pal Floyd cuz its only lyric is “our pal floyd, he sells us weed”. real original shit, but whatevers. next album, Salvador Del Mundo. It was alright too. During this time, Fuji Film played guitars. Fuji plays with Interpol now. Most people credit his talent with a long list of great bands, but we here at Camp Runny know the truth.

Then Runny went dormant for the rest of the nineties and the erly aughts, until a vicious drug habit brought it all back and yeah, two albums and two later the Talent Kills Music Dead came out. I should say the first two albums wer dun in LA, which I fuckin’ hate now. This one and the last two were done in NYC, except Casa De Runny which got done a little bit in Albuquerque, Neuva. the fourth album is called “Uncle Tom’s Cracker Factory” lots of people like the name, but not usually black people.

So Runny now stands up strong and mighty in its current state, playing shows with Team Robespierre, Murphy's Law, the U.S. Bombs, and two of the best bands ever... The Whores and The Naked Heroes. Is a glory scene evolving? you goddam right. Runny fukkking rocks and that is all that matters.


Our Pal Floyd, 1993
Salvador Del Mundo, 1995
Casa De Runny (House of Runny), 2002
Uncle Tom's Cracker Factory, 2004
the Vomit e.p., 2005
the Bilge Water e.p., 2006
Talent Kills Music Dead, 2007

Set List

when judy hates her crack
i want to fuck you and kill myself
bitches can't cook
sucking on the wrong dick
august 12th, 2006
my baby's got problems
island of paradise
turkey baster cocaine enema

our sets are typically about 30 minutes give or take 5 minutes - sometimes less songs and more stage banter happen